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Penn Plax Reptology Floating Turtle Pier Review

If you want to decorate the turtle aquarium with aesthetically pleasing equipment and want to offer a proper basking area at the same time, the Penn Plax Reptology Floating Turtle Pier. This docking ramp helps turtles and other aquatic species comfortably climb the basking space to enjoy the heat and UV rays for a healthy life.

Penn Plax had made the floating turtle pier, and it promises striking features for a perfect turtle ad aquatic tortoise tank setup. You can use the dock as a functional, neutral, and decorative item within the terrarium for turtles to mimic the natural habitat.

The floating turtle pier is receiving tons of positive and appreciable reviews from turtle owners. Hence, we decided to see off its features and provide you with an in-depth pier review with pros and cons.

Penn Plax Reptology Floating Turtle Pier Review

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The floating turtle pier set successfully upholds every need of a turtle basking system. It is also usable for frogs, salamanders, and newts as well. We will see its benefits and check whether these features are worthy of investment or not.

This will help you take the ardent purchase decision of the Reptology Floating Turtle Pier.

Best Features of Reptology Floating Turtle Pier

Key Specification

  • Platform – 16”x 11”x 1.25”
  • Pylons – 7.75″
  • Extensions – 4″
  • Ramp – 6.5″

Decorative Tank Item

If you want to decorate the turtle aquarium for an engaging look, this turtle pier will top the list by miles away. Its woody appearance looks distinctive. Also, the docks have a rusty appearance. All these make the floating basking system a turtle favorite.

Also, it will add a nice aesthetics to your home or office.

Natural Habitat Mimicry

When you choose any items or plants for the turtles’ aquarium, you would want them to mimic the natural habitat as much as possible. Luckily, this Penn Plax-made basking platform allows you to set up the tent with perfect mimicry of turtles’ habitat in the wild.

Its woody and rustic look become more realistic with each passing day. So, turtles love being around the pier set and climbing on the top for a leisurely basking session.

Easy Climbing on The Top

Many docking ramps are made to give extreme hardships to turtles while climbing on the top. Luckily, Penn Plax has addressed the issues and designed the pier set up for quick access to even the smallest turtles.

So, you remain assured that your aquarium buddy will happily climb the top and enjoy UV rays and heat during the basking time.

It even has a built-in gravel bin attached to the setup. The gravel bin successfully counterbalances the pet’s weight when it reaches the top. However, you need to purchase the gravel bin separately. But it is worth the investment.

Secure Platform Support

Another feature that prompted us to review the Penn Plax Pier for turtles is its secured and steady support for the platform. The floating platform comes with 4 pylon legs. The basking base is securely attached to it.

The bottom of these pylons has a suction cup. You can quickly connect the suction cups in the terrarium bottom to securely install it. However, it is recommended that you clean the suction cups properly before joining them with the terrarium bottom.

It is vital since cleaner suction cups will have better steadiness and last longer in the turtle aquarium.

Floating Base

This floating base for turtles effectively floats right above the waterline in the tank. Once the turtle climbs up the ground, it gets full access to the external environment. So, positioning the basking lights and UV fixtures will become more comfortable with the Penn Plax Floating Pire in the terrarium.

Since it floats above the waterline slightly, you can easily feed the turtle without dropping the food into the tank water. You can even interact with the shelled buddy and know its feelings. Nice!

Adjustable Height

Moreover, the basking platform doesn’t float at the same height. It will automatically adjust to the waterline. The adjustment of the pier comes with either rise or drop as the water increases or decreases. Additionally, you can adjust the dock’s height from 3″ to 16″ to meet the tank requirements.

The height adjustment is remarkable because you can make adept the height with your lovely pet buddy’s growing age and size.

Three Size Availability

The Penn Plax Reptology Turtle Pier is available in three sizes to fit into different tank sizes at ease. So, whether you own a large or a small tank, this basking platform would easily fit into the turtle tank. Also, specific sizes mean you won’t have to spend unnecessarily on a bigger platform.

Attention to Details

Every part of the Penn Plax pier set is made with attention to detail. From designing to the endurance level, the manufacturer has looked into all the issues closely. So, you will love the artistry put behind the state-of-the-art platform for the turtle to bask happily.

Also, turtles will love the hiding space it creates underneath the waterline. This would be a favorite sport for your shelled buddy.

Penn Plax Reptology Floating Turtle Pier: Pros & Cons

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Adjustable height to match the waterline.Nothing reported so far.
Easy access to the top for turtles.
Made for durability with premium material.
Closeness to natural turtle habitat.
Space for gravel and rocks to counterbalance the turtle’s weight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will The Floating Platform Sink In The Water If A Large Turtle Stays On The Top?

Yes, it will slightly sink in the water if the turtle size is too huge for it. But you can troubleshoot it quickly. We recommend you use three 1-1/2″ swimming noodles under the platform to help it float easily even with a chubby turtle on it.

2. Can I Remove The Turtle Platform Legs?

Yes, you can ardently remove the legs if you want for the Reptology Floating Turtle. It will help you readjust the floating base anywhere in the tank.

Final Notes

Our review team found the Penn Plax Reptology Floating Turtle Pier is a versatile and unique basking platform for turtles, aquatic tortoises, frogs, and other marine species. So, there’s no doubt on our part to recommend the pier set for turtle owners.

It has easy climbing and a quick height adjustment facility to meet every turtle size, age, and tank space requirement.

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