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Aquatop CF Series Canister Filter Review | Expert’s Review

Owning a fish or shrimp aquarium is a fun and classic way to reduce stress and tension. However, owning an aquarium with vibrant fishes and shrimps also brings some responsibility to you. Filtering the tank water to keep it hygienic and free of harmful elements is one of them.

People worldwide opt for different filters, but nothing comes close to a canister filter in terms of performance and the finest filtered result. And one of the best and most reliable canister filters is Aquatop CF Series Canister Filter.

You can use the filtration machine for both freshwater and saltwater tanks and, if needed, in turtle tanks even. Besides, UV light addition works like a big plus point.

So, let’s get to see its prominent features along with the pros and cons of the machine in the Aquatop CF Series Canister Filter review.

Aquatop CF Series Canister Filter Review

Efficiency, performance, affordable and quietest canister filter- these are the words that genuinely describe Aquatop Canister Filter. Besides, it brings consistency into filtration and priming for even more convenience.

Aquatop CF Series Specifications

  • Weight: 17.1 lbs.
  • Capacity: 125 gallons.
  • Water Flow 370 gallons/hour.
  • Filtration: Four stages.
  • Priming Mechanism: Standard. 

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Aquatop CF Series Canister Benefits and Features

Presence of UV light:

Are you facing issues with the presence of bacteria, fungus, and algae inside the tank? Or do you need a premium filtration result for a quarantine tank?

Whatever might be the purpose, the presence of 9W UV light within the CF series canister filter comes as a practical feature. The light with UV rays effectively neutralizes the algae and bacteria to make the fish tank free of harmful elements.

However, note that you should use the UV lights only when the tank needs bacteria and algae removal; otherwise, keep the feature turned off.

4-Step Versatile Filtration:

Aquatop CF series filter comes with five various stages of the filtration mechanism. Hence, you get the most exceptional priming result within the fish tank. It comes in handy, especially if you have a quarantine tank that needs absolutely the best quality of water. It helps the fish heal faster.

Also, the canister filter, with its 4-step filtration, can perform biological, mechanical, and chemical filtering at the same time. While chemical and mechanical filtration removes harmful components from the tank water to make it hygienic, biological filtration has a particular purpose.

The unit’s premium bio-filtering provides ample oxygen into the tank water and enhances the fish’s health almost evidently.

Usability in Both Salt and Freshwater Tanks:

There are many good-quality canister filters in the market that is usable with either freshwater or saltwater tanks. Only a handful of filters are evenly matched for working with both saltwater and freshwater fish tanks.

Our Aquatop CF Series is one of these rare filters. So, whether you have a fresh or salt aqua system, this brilliant filter is all set to serve the purpose. Still not enough for satisfaction?

Then brace the filtering capacity even for turtle and tortoise tanks. Nice, right?

Standard Priming Pump:

The priming pump offers extreme performance right out of the bat. It prevents everything from getting mixed with the aquarium water with the incredible priming feature.

The pump works on standard priming that requires no manual siphoning. So, your fish and shrimp petting life will become more comfortable since you need not clean the tank water manually.

Substantial Flow Rate and Capacity:

Aquatop made the CF Series canister filter mainly for large tanks. And they have done it with a fair amount of ardent success rate.

Firstly, the canister filter has a tremendous flow rate of 370 gallons of water per hour. You should note that such a flow rate is sufficient even for the largest home aquariums. Secondly, as 375 gallons of water flow through the priming machine, it filters 125 gallons of water with ease. However, users claim that it accommodates tank sizes of up to 175 gallons which is impressive.

So, the tank water remains neat and clean throughout the day with such a massive filtering capacity.

Quiet Operation:

Any aquarist knows the importance of keeping the tank surrounding quiet and noise-free. Noisy surroundings will increase anxiety and stress among the fish, which is detrimental to their health. Luckily, Aquatop CF Series is among the quietest line of canister filters.

The quiet function favors the fish’s mood and keeps you relieved. Nonetheless, if you notice noise from the machine, that is probably a sign that something isn’t right inside. At that moment, contact a professional and get the maintenance done.

Internal Spacing for Filter:

You can choose and blend a wide range of filter media within the internal storage compartment of the CF series canister. You can mix biological, mechanical, and chemical filters depending on the tank’s necessity.

Thus, the internal space available in three baskets is a superb feature. Moreover, Aquatop even provides a few sponges for filtration. Still, you need to purchase other filters sperate (as is the case with all filters).

Pros and Cons of Aquatop CF Series Canister Filter

UV sterilizer keeps the tank water crystal clear.The plastic-built design doesn’t look impressive.
Four various and active filtering stages for a satisfactory result.Only a 180-day of warranty.
It performs biological, chemical, and mechanical filtering.You need to purchase the filtering media separately.
One of the quietest canister filters around the market.
Sturdy built quality needs less frequent maintenance.
You can adjust the intake pump to support various aquarium sizes.
Effortless setup requires no professional help.
Not so pricey like other canister filters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Is The Filtering Media Order For Aquatop CF Series?

It would be best if you need to place the bio-balls and white sponge on the filter top. Then, the charcoal gets a placement in the middle while the blue sponge follows the charcoal at the bottom of the canister filter.

2. Is CF Series Compatible With 200 Gallons Fish Tank?

The user manual claims that it effectively works with 124 gallons capacity of the fish tank. However, in reality, users have found its effectiveness up to 175 gallons of tank capacity. Still, we are unsure about its performance with a 200 gallons capacity of a fish tank

Final Notes

Sometimes managing the cleanliness of large faces producing aqua animals such as turtles and tortoises can be challenging. Also, if you have quite a few numbers of fishes in the same tank, hygiene maintenance can be problematic too.

The Aquatop CF Series Canister Filter, with its massive filtering and priming capacity, is your best bet for such tricky conditions. Also, its capability of performing all three essential filtration works is a plus point for aquarists.

Furthermore, the easy assembly will be a massive relief if you are a beginner.

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