How to Clean Algae off Turtle Shell | Guide to Turtle Lover

how to clean algae off turtle shell

When you see algae growing on the turtle’s carapace, it can be worrisome. But, frankly speaking, algae on turtle shells aren’t harmful as most people perceive.  In fact, with the right tank setup and water, a turtle will not have algae on its shell. When the water becomes dirty, and it starts growing algae, it …

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Turtle Shell Rot | Symptoms, Causes & How to Treat Shell Rot in Turtles

turtle shell rot

Turtle shell rot means infection on the turtle shell, and it can be painful for the turtle. Hence, many turtle owners are concerned about turtle shell rot and want to know its details. Unfortunately, most turtle care guides ignore the rotten shell diseases in turtles, and so, many owners face difficulty dealing with the infection. …

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Why is My Turtle Not Eating | What Should I do in This Situation?

why is my turtle not eating

I own a painted turtle for the last three years. Initially, it was a honeymoon period with him. He was eating regularly and moving around the enclosure, and I would be amazed at everything the turtle did. Suddenly, everything changed, and I noticed my painter had stopped eating. I was terrified and started taking suggestions …

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Top Guide of Baby Yellow Belly Turtle Care | Turtle Care Tips

baby yellow belly turtle care

The Yellow-bellied slider, a subspecies of aquatic turtle, is a famous pet that can be a great addition to your pet aquarium. It looks attractive with its color variations and is also easy to take care which makes it an incredibly popular pet turtle breed across the globe. However, when you bring a yellow-bellied baby …

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The Ultimate Guide to How to Keep a Turtle Tank Clean

how to keep a turtle tank clean

Just imagine a scenario- you have brought a pair of turtles newly and kept it in the tank. Sadly, within a couple of days, the tank water turns dark and cloudy, and it starts to sting like a public restroom forcing you to stay away. Undoubtedly, the sight isn’t a pleasing one. Nor is it …

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