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Oasis Turtle Ramp Review For Amphibians and Reptiles In 2023

When you get an amphibian or reptile for your aquarium, you need to provide him with ample space for basking. Without proper basking space, a turtle or tortoise may soon feel the effect of Vitamin D efficiency and get sick. So, you would want a basking platform for the turtles.

So, if you are looking for an affordable and accessible to use turtle ramp or platform, the Oasis Turtle Ramp could easily fit your requirements. It is a straightforward and straightforward basking platform that has surged the market with unique features.

And today, we will see its worthiness and find out whether or not it is recommendable for a turtle or aquatic tortoises owner.

So, let’s dive deep into the review of the turtle ramp from Oasis.

Oasis Turtle Ramp Review

Oasis is a famous aquarium product manufacturer. They have been developing several popular and effective products for turtle owners, and the Oasis Turtle Ramp is one of them. It is one of the simplest basking platforms you will presently see in the market.

But does its simplicity takes over the efficiency? Let’s see what we found throughout the review.

The Oasis Turtle Ramp: Features


At first glance, this ramp may seem a bit fragile. But it is not.

In fact, we found it stable enough to accommodate medium-sized aquatic tortoises. Also, turtles won’t mind a bit of flexibility while ramping up on the platform. It is made of premium and superior-quality material that promises to withstand years of usage in the tank.

However, we won’t encourage you to expect lifelong support from the ramp for turtles. It will easily and smoothly last up to ten years without any fuss. But its stability isn’t enough for large tortoises and turtles. So, be aware of the fact.

Easy Mounting

One of the most promising and prominent benefits of using the turtle ramp from the Oasis is its easy mounting capacity. It connects with the terrarium wall, thanks to the suction cups on it.  All you effectively and dedicatedly need to do is to place the ramp where you want to keep it and then stretch the suction cup towards the walls.

The suction cup will firmly and effectively hold the ramp right in place. It will stay on the water without moving abruptly.

Adjustable Platform

We all are familiar with solid platforms with a fixed height. While these platforms offer increased stability, the fixed height isn’t a good idea for growing turtles. First off, with a fixed height, the juveniles or baby turtles will find it hard to ramp up on the basking base.

Secondly, when turtles grow up, the fixed height may seem shorter for them. Thereby, the height adjustability of the Oasis ramp will benefit you greatly. As the turtle grows up, you can adjust the ramp height.

Also, you can slightly shape the ramp for an enhanced appearance.

Natural Appearance

To be honest, this turtle ramp isn’t as natural as the Zilla Basking Platform. Nonetheless, its deep color of it will suit the vegetation and plant color in the aquarium.  But don’t expect that it will offer a striking resemblance to the natural habitat of the turtles.

Yet, it is not bad either.

Installable in Any Place

The turtle ramp doesn’t abruptly float in the aquarium. It just stays firm where you would place it. It enables you to set up the turtle ramp anywhere in the aquarium. You can set it underneath the water, right on the tank bottom, or above the water as well as parallel to the water’s surface.

This flexibility in the ramp placement offers you a versatile use of the item. Isn’t it innovative?

Easy Cleaning

Over time, turtle basking platforms and ramps will catch algae and other forms of wastage. So, it would be best if you clean it periodically, ideally once every two months. The acrylic resin used to manufacture the turtle ramp features non-porous characteristics.

Since it is non-porous, you can quickly brush it off with a hard-bristled brush. Remove the suction cup and take it away from the aquarium. After that, clean the ramp with a brush and cleaning agent. It is easier than you may anticipate.

Increased Traction

Many ramps and basking platforms wear out soon, especially the suction cup and traction. There won’t be any issue with the Oasis turtle ramp since it comes up with strips with rubberized texture. So, the ramp enjoys increased traction.

The traction of the ramp helps turtles smoothly go up and stay on the platform without slipping. So, it is safe for baby turtles since they run the risk of falling into the water and may get injured.

A Proper Hiding Zone

While the platform offers an excellent baking opportunity for the turtle and aquatic tortoises, even the underneath space comes in handy for amphibians and reptiles. The underneath space offers filtered shed and light for aquatics to hid and rest during their leisure time.

So, you can count on this benefit too.


The turtle ramp comes at a relatively low price. So, you won’t have to expend much behind the ramp. It is well-priced compared to the standard basking platforms.

Oasis Turtle Ramp: Pros & Cons

Adjustable height.Not ideal for large turtles.
Non-porous design.
Traction is increased for turtles.
Useful for reptiles and amphibians alike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will It Be Suitable For A 5” Red-Eared Slider With 20 Gallons Of The Tank?

Yes, it should easily accommodate a 5” red-eared slider in a 20-gallon tank. Also, a more comprehensive tank will help you place the turtle ramp better in the tank.

2. Does The Suction Cup Of The Ramp Come With The Package?

Yes, you will get a set of suction cups within the turtle ramp package. So, it is another cost-cutting benefit of the ramp. However, you can purchase additional suction cups if you wish.

Final Notes

The Oasis Turtle Ramp offers versatility, cost-cutting price, and endurance for longtime use. You can use the ramp for turtles, aquatic tortoises, amphibians, and any marine animal that needs to rest out of the water.

Also, the shady place underneath the ramp helps the aquarium residents hide and rest during off time. So, this ramp for turtles is highly for beginners and pro turtle owners.

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