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SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set Review For 2023

If you want an all-around aquarium kit for fishes, turtles, reptiles, and amphibians, the SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set would definitely top your priority list. The aquarium set offers you all the essential kits you would want for a perfect terrarium setup.

What’s more, its acrylic finish offers maximum clarity. It enables you to see your pet’s activities for more fun.  Also, the package includes electrical light fixtures and reflectors. Therefore, you won’t have to spend much additional on the tank setup.

Also, it has a beautiful appearance that pops up as a perfect decorative piece with fish happily swimming inside it.

So, it is of little wonder why the SeaClear aquarium set enjoys so much popularity among fish keepers and turtle owners. And today, we will go deep into the review of the aquarium combo set and find out its worthiness for investment as a terrarium.

Are you ready, then?

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set Review

The aquarium combo set comes in multiple sizes, but we have picked up the 40 gallons terrarium set up for review. It will be a perfect aquarium setup for large species too.

Key Specification

  • Shape: rectangular.
  • Size: 40 gallons.
  • Light Fixture: 24″
  • Weight: 20 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 36 x 15 x 16 inches

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set: Features

Versatile Usage

The aquarium setup from SeaClear is safe for both freshwater and saltwater. So, you can use the aquarium for fish and reptiles alike. It allows fish keepers’ dreams to come true. Also, its large size means you can accommodate more fish or larger species with ease.

Hence, most aquarists love using the aquarium setup and rate it as one of the best available tanks presently in the fish and reptile pet market.

Acrylic Finishing

The super-cool-looking aquarium is made of acrylic material. It is 17X stronger compared to any glass or plastic-built aquarium. So, you will get a lifetime product for fish and reptiles. What’s more, all the corners and seams are flawlessly connected to provide one-of-a-kind endurance.

That’s why the manufacturer offers an extensive warranty with the aquarium set and lets users enjoy its versatility for an extended period.

Apart from the endurance, the acrylic finish also offers easy visibility inside the tank. So, you can enjoy the fun activities of your pet inside it. You won’t have to tear off the walls or remove the top anymore to see the tank inside.

Contemporary Design

The discerning aquarists who don’t compromise with their aquarium’s quality and appearance, this Sea Clear kit will be their dreamy selection. First off, the aquarium is made of premium acrylic material to ensure quality.

Secondly, the acrylic finish is seamlessly manufactured which provides a contemporary look. The modern design of the aquarium will be a perfect suit for any décor. So, whether you plan to place the aquarium in the office or at home, it fits perfectly in every location.

You will love the aesthetics it brings to your place.

Lighter Than Glass Aquariums

The acrylic-made aquarium walls are more robust than the glasses. Yet, the aquarium is less weighty compared to the glass ones. In fact, the manufacturer claims that it is half the weight compared to the same-sized glass aquarium.

Also, at 20 pounds, you shouldn’t face many problems moving the aquarium for installation and cleaning purposes. Nonetheless, we recommend you take the help of a second hand for the processes to avoid any emergencies.


We have already mentioned that this aquarium is backed by one of the most extensive market warranties. It has high impact resistance. So, it won’t crack or chip easily. The crack and cheap resistance of the aquarium makes it usable close to kids and pets.

Also, flawless seaming means it provides an overall impressiveness too.

The Reflector and Light Fixtures

The aquarium set is a combo. So, it comes up with all the necessary items required for a perfect aquarium setup. For instance, you will get 24″ electric light fixtures and a reflector with the aquarium package.

So, you can fix the lights and keep the tank interior toasty warm. The fish or turtles inside will love the added warmth. But we recommend you check the water temperature before setting up the lights. In winter, you can use them anyway.

Large Space

At 40 gallons, this aquarium is capable of being a community tank. It means you can accommodate a group of guppies, shrimps, mollies, and neon tetras within the same tank. Ideally, you can keep two pairs of three to five fish species in the tank.

Alternatively, you can choose for larger species instead of fitting the tank inside with school fish. Either way, it offers enough space to set up your dream aquarium that you always cherished during the early days.

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set: Pros & Cons

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Applicable for both freshwater and saltwater.The food packs aren’t available with the combo set.
High-impact endurance protects chips and cracks.
You can use it for a community tank setup.
The acrylic finish is 17X stronger and ½ less weighty.
Its see-through design brings a contemporary vibe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. The Description Says A Clear Appearance, But I See Three Color Variations. Which Is The Best?

The clear setup is ideal if you want to keep the aquarium away from walls. The cobalt blue and black colors are more suitable for installing the tank near the walls. Either way, the tank beauty pops up with the aesthetics.

2. Does It Genuinely Hold 40 Gallons?

Yes, it has a dedicated 40-gallon water space. However, the actual water level will be a little less since you will put substrates, plants, and ornamental items in the tank. Nonetheless, the space is still roomy enough to accommodate a community tank.

Final Notes

We have to admit that the SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set truly comes forward with its unique benefits and gorgeous appearance.

Its spacious interior, transparent design, and inclusion of light fixtures and reflectors make it an equally suitable option for beginners and professionals. Once you start using the aquarium combo set, you would thank us for recommending the aquarium set.

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