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Zoo Med Turtle Dock Review For 2023 | A REAL Review

Turtle dock is an essential part of a terrarium setup to help your shelled buddy bask in the proper light and UV rays for a healthy and prolonged life. While you can add space for turtles to bask if you keep them in an outside pond, the same can’t be done with the indoor terrarium.

So, if you are looking for a quality indoor turtle tank dock or basking platform, this Zoo Med Turtle Dock deserves your consideration. And in our Zoo Med Turtle Dock review, we will check the facts and features that have made this floating giant a popular item among turtle owners.

It is widely available in multiple sizes and features automatic waterline adjustability to meet the aquarium water level. But this is not all about the positives only. Hence, we will discuss the turtle dock’s advantages and disadvantages for an unbiased review for you.

The Zoo Med Turtle Dock Review

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If you have aquatic turtles at home, the Zoo Med turtle dock will be a useful addition to the aquarium. It enjoys the premium built quality from Zoo Med and ensures users get satisfactory performance from it.

Zoo Med Turtle Dock: Benefits and Features

A Unique Floating Dock

This turtle dock from Zoo Med is unique and outclasses other basking platforms with its striking features. Its close-to-natural look and waterline adjusting capacity gives it an edge over other basking docks quite considerably.

Hence, it is no wonder why the platform enjoys so much popularity among turtle owners. You and your beloved turtle will also love the dock once you use it for him in the terrarium.

Available in Multiple Sizes

Many floating platforms for terrariums come in a fixed size. So, you are limited to using the dock with a fixed size. But this turtle dock is unlike these platforms and comes in four different sizes. Hence, you can accommodate the best-fitted port for your aquarium.

Also, multiple sizes help you fit the dock easily in the terrarium. All you need to do is to purchase the right-sized platform depending on your aquarium size. So, forget about those hassles with this turtle deck from Zoo Med.

Also, different sizes allow you to choose the dock according to your turtle’s weight. So, you won’t have to spend less for a larger-sized platform unnecessarily.

Self-Leveling Capacity

Are you wondering about how the turtle dock will perform with the increasing or decreasing of the water level within the tank? Behold yourself since this Zoo Med dock comes with a self-leveling feature.

It means when the water increases or decreases in the terrarium, it will adjust automatically with the water level. So, you won’t have to change the floating platform manually. It is a remarkable feature for those who dislike working manually with the platforms. Also, it saves enormous time for users.

Submerged Area

This turtle dock is submerged in the terrarium. It floats like a vessel with its platform above the waterline slightly and the rest underneath the water’s surface. The submerging facility of the dock ensures turtles can easily reach the top.

It is incredibly helpful for small turtles. The baby turtles and small turtles (that stay small throughout their lifetime) will love the easy climbing on the submerged floating base.

Versatile Usage

You will love the multipurpose use of the docking system. It is usable for basking and resting places for frogs and newts. So, whether you have a turtle or any reptiles that love basking areas, this Zoo Med Turtle Dock will be handy for them.

Natural Appearance

This basking dock looks like a fake rock. So, it provides a close to natural feel in the aquarium. It permits you to create a natural ambiance for the turtles without any issues. The natural appearance also helps the turtles feel secure and happy inside the terrarium.

Besides, the rocky appearance of the basking spot enhances the overall aesthetics of the aquarium. Hence it is a 2-in-1 benefit for users.

Maximum Exposure to UV And Heat

The floating basking platforms’ sole purpose is to provide a space for turtles to rest and receive UV rays and heat. It helps them control body temperature and get some essential vitamin D3. The submerging feature of the dock allows maximum exposure from UV fixtures and mini-heat lights for the turtles.

You can use halogen or fluorescent lights above the terrarium for UV and heat. The turtle may then sit on the platform and leisurely enjoy the basking time.

Durability and Costing

Zoo Med has used its cutting-edge technology to manufacture this basking dock along with premium material. So, you can rely upon its durability without a doubt. What’s more, the pricing seems fair, with the largest platform costing around a few dollars only.

Ideally, you will love its affordability without compromising quality and the necessary features for a turtle deck.

Zoo Med Turtle Dock: Pros & Cons

The turtle dock is available in multiple sizes.The turtle dock may not be an ideal option for large species.
Its submerged state ensures maximum exposure to heat and UV rays.The suction cups need improvement; you may use reputed suction cups for stability.
The floating base features automatic adjustability with the water level.
Its fake rocky appearance mimics the natural turtle habitat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the right dimension of the basking platform?

The Zoo Med basking platform comes in four different sizes, and the dimension will vary accordingly. However, the medium-sized dock dimension is 15″X7″ which will cover nearly half of the 20 gallons of the water tank.

2. Which material did Zoo Med use to make the platform?

Zoo Med has used natural recycled materials to manufacture the basking platform for turtles. Many users have a misconception that this is made of plastics, which is wrong. The material is entirely safe for turtles and other aquatic species

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Final Notes

We found a remarkable resting and basking base for medium-sized turtles during our Zoo Med Turtle Dock review. Its waterline adjustability will save you from uplifting or downing the ground with the water level.

Also, it provides an ideal hiding space for the turtles underneath it. Hence, we have high invaluable, and confident recommendations for the turtle dock.

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