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The herpetologist and turtle keeper around the world love the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium for its unique design and practical functionality. European herpetologists designed the terrarium for reptiles, amphibians, and newts.

But does the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium 18X18X24 worth its hype? We will look deep into the features of the terrarium and comment on it. Also, we will provide you a conclusive recommendation on the aquarium setup.

So, let's get it on with us.

exo terra glass terrarium 18x18x24

The terrarium is designed for easy access and maintenance that you will love. Among other benefits of the terrarium includes a large body, contemporary look, and versatility. However, unlike many premium terrarium setups, this one lacks the inclusion of many types of equipment.

So, is this worth the investment?

Key Specification

  • Dimension: 23.8 x 23.5 x 29.5 inches
  • Weight: 40.86 pounds
  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 33 gallons

  • Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Features

    Versatile Setup Possible

    This high-quality aquarium comes in handy for an array of a different setup. You can use the terrarium for tropical, dessert, naturalistic, artificial, and even for paludariums. So, it doesn't matter which type of turtle or reptile you have.

    You can create the perfect ambiance for your shelled buddy with closeness to its natural habitat. It is suitable for keeping the turtle or reptile happy and healthy.

    Wide Front Door

    Another unique and beneficial advantage of the terrarium is its large open frontal door. The front door is designed with easiness and comfort in mind. Hence, you will be able to feed your critters inside the tank easily. The front door opening means you can maintain the tank and take care of creatures without removing the fixtures.

    Furthermore, you won't have to create any barrier while feeding or caring for the turtles or reptiles inside the tank. Hence, it is a quiet time saving and hassle-free alternative.

    Customization Possible

    There is a screen top with the tank package. The tank setup comes in handy for animals with low humidity and minimal infrared lighting. There is also space for UV-light fixtures for turtles and reptiles basking mechanism.

    But if you own dart frogs, the screen top needs to be replaced with a solid glass top. Don't worry. Tetra, the manufacturer, will do the customization once you ask them about it. The solid glass top ensures the tank humidity always remains above 80%.

    Easy Setup and Decoration

    Herpetologists love the terrarium for the independence they enjoy while decorating the tank. It comes with a foam background. The foam background is a successful mimicry of the rocky environment. It also helps you to during the hardscaping of the terrarium.

    The foam background makes it easy to decorate the tank. You can quickly add live plants, ornamental items, wood pieces, artificial plants, or anything else you want in the foam. You can use toothpicks, wires, or even the net cups to attach the fixtures with the foam background.

    The screen top has closeable inlets. It combines with the cord cavities. Hence, the combination allows spacious room for the tubing or cords necessary for your tank setup.

    Door Lock

    Are you worried about kids or pets accessing the tank interior accidentally? Well, you can leave away these thoughts since the terrarium comes with a specially designed door locking system. It prevents the dual door system from the unwanted opening of it.

    So, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that both the tank dwellers and your kid is safe from each other. Isn't it lovely?

    Raised Bottom

    You will appreciate the slightly raised bottom of the terrarium. The raised bottom helps you place heating fixtures underneath the terrarium. So, you can quickly mount a heating substrate to keep the interior toasty warm.

    Also, you won't have to waste any space additionally for the heat fixtures.

    Waterproof Facility

    From the top of the terrarium to the bottom, each tank's inch is seamlessly built to ensure maximum waterproof facility. So, the watertight Exo Terra panel permits you to arrange a deeply layered substrate. What's more, you can add water up to the ventilation strip without thinking twice about the water leaking.

    Easy Cover Removal

    The lid is made of metal or glass. The best part you can quickly remove the top cover for decorating and cleaning purposes. It is useful since many terrarium covers aren't easy to remove. Also, it helps beginners in setting up the tank easily and quickly.

    Window Ventilation

    The Exo Terra terrarium has maximum ventilation for fresh air inside the tank. You will be glad to know that the window ventilation used in this terrarium has been patented. So, you can depend on its quality service for maximum airflow inside the tank.


    Some turtle and reptile owners may doubt that the terrarium price is slightly on the higher side. But we must remember that we are not talking about any ordinary terrarium but the Exo Terra Terrarium with a premium glass finish.

    Most herpetologists consider it as the best terrarium setup available in the pet stores. Also, its extensive features make it worthy of the price tag.

    Exo Terra Glass Terrarium : Pros & Cons


    • The dual lock door mechanism prevents escapes.
    • The bottom is raised to accommodate the heating substrate.
    • The waterproof base for heavy usage
    • The cover is easily removable for decoration and cleaning.


    • The price is slightly on the higher side.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. Is the bottom glass removable?

    No, you can't remove the bottom glass of the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium. It comes with an integrated design of the aquarium setup with a raised base.

    2. What is the exact capacity of the tank?

    The tank measures 18X18X24 inches and can accommodate 33 gallons of water correctly. So, it is a medium-sized tank suitable for medium turtles, reptiles, and frogs.

    Final Notes

    The contemporary European design of the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium 18X18X24 makes it a popular choice among herpetologists worldwide. Its dual opening door lock and raised bottom for heating substrate make it a practical choice for professionals and beginners alike.

    So, we highly recommend the terrarium for those who can afford it and want it for their favorite shelled friend.

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