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Zilla Floating Basking Platform Review | Is it Worth For Your Turtle?

Basking is a crucial part of all amphibian’s and reptiles’ lives. It helps them effectively regulate their body temperature and live happily. So, if you own a reptile or amphibian such as a turtle or tortoise, you would want to provide him with the right basking spot.

Considering this necessity, The Zilla Floating Basking Platform isn’t a mere expenditure. Instead, it is an essential investment to boost the health of your pet turtle or frog, or any other amphibian. This basking platform is getting raving reviews in the market with many similarities to the already famous Zoo Med Turtle Dock.

But, is it really worth investing in the basking platform from Zilla?

Let’s deep dig into its features, durability, and finally, pros and cons to see whether or not you should bring the basking platform for your turtle.

Zilla Floating Basking Platform Review

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The floating platform enables turtles and tortoises to bask under the light and get some vitamin D. It is crucial for them to keep the body functioning. As long as the basking platform is concerned, this comes with some stunning features.

Hence, we would like to go normal with the review, starting with the floating platform’s best features and then looking into its pros and cons. By the time we sum up the review, you should know whether or not you should buy it.

Best Features of The Zilla Floating Basking Platform

Natural Look

The 1st impression that developed in our mind seeing the floating base is its natural look. The basking base features a rocky appearance. In fact, the rock is so similar to nature that sometimes you will forget it is made by a manufacturing company.

Such resemblance to nature provides turtles with a better basking area. They feel close to their natural habitat and would love to reach a point for heat and UV rays. Also, its impressive outlook adds aesthetics to your tank setup.

Overall, we loved its appearance with a rocky outlook and closeness to the turtles’ habitat.

Rising Steps

Many floating platforms assist the reptiles and amphibians in reaching the platform’s peak with a floating ramp attached to the base. But the Zilla floating base works differently.

Instead of owning a ramp for the turtles to reach the platform peak, it uses a natural and realistic method. It features river rock steps, which one by one rises to the highest point. So, the turtles can slowly go up with the self-leveling steps.

While it brings a natural feel, the rocky beds allow the turtle to exercise his instincts too.

Two Size Availability

The Zilla Floating Platform is available in two different sizes- small and medium. These two will fit tanks or aquariums sized between 12″ to 18″. So, the platform is a suitable option for medium-sized terrariums.

Furthermore, two different sizes mean you can use it for different ages of turtles. But it is best for the small turtles that stay small forever and for the young ones.

Floating Technology

In many cases, the basking platform holds a resemblance to Zoo Med Turtle Dock, and one such striking similarity is how it floats within the terrarium.

Its frame has an integrated suction-cupped holder that attaches it to the tank wall. While connected to the walls, it keeps floating right above the water. Yes, you must ensure that it floats on the water during the setup and that the turtle remains above the water.

It is crucial since amphibians and reptiles receive UV rays and heat from the outside environment to regulate their body temperature.

Lightweight Construction

Weighing at only 13.6 ounces, this floating platform is one of the lightest bases for turtles basking spots in the market. However, whether or not lightness is an advantage or disadvantage remains at the top of debates.

The lightweight design helps it flat better. But you will have to check whether it can hold up to the weight of larger tortoises and turtles in the water.

Easy to Install and Remove

Any floating platform needs periodic removal from the aquarium for cleaning purposes. Hence, the removal process of the basking platform needs to be quick and easy. Zilla has acknowledged the issue and, thus, has made it super easy to install and remove.

It comes with a suction cup attachment. So, the platform enjoys buoyancy on the water without floating here and there. When you need to clean the aquarium, quickly detach the suction cup, clean the interior and mount it properly. That’s it.


A turtle is a long-time pet at home. They will live for decades with proper care. So, anything brought for them needs to endure the attacks of time. It merely means you need to accommodate the turtle tank with durable items.

In this regard, the Zilla Floating Platform performs reasonably well- if not remarkably. It is coated with resin that should stay together for at least a few years.

We would suggest you be prepared to get a new basking platform when your turtle achieves adulthood. First off, it is not meant for lifetime servicing, and secondly, it can’t accommodate larger species.

Zilla Floating Basking Platform: Pros & Cons

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Natural appearance.The durability is slightly below par.
Easy mounting and removal.
Affordable pricing.
Availability in multiple sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does the platform float on the water top, or it sinks a few inches under the water?

It depends on which condition the floating platform is in. Usually, it will float on the water top with the underneath base remaining well underwater. However, when a turtle stays on it, the turtle’s weight will sink a few inches deep. When the turtle goes into the water, the floating platform will return to its original floating position.

2. What materials have been used to make the platform?

The floating platform is made using rigid foam and resin coating. The hard foam permits it to float on the water and the resin coating provides durability.

Final Notes

The Zilla Floating Basking Platform is a worthy investment for your favorite turtle.  It has a medium area to accommodate small to medium turtles at ease. Also, the natural look and stepped rocky climbing spot bring aesthetics to the terrarium.

Considering its price, we would definitely recommend the basking platform for turtles to enjoy heat and UV rays for their happiness and health.

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