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Zilla Aquatic Turtle Kit 20 Gallon Review in The Year 2023

Turtles make excellent and remarkable pets because of their tame nature and sensitive attitude with a pleasing appearance. Since turtles provide great entertainment and closeness to their owners, many owners may want to offer them the best living space.

Suppose you are promptly one of those who want a sophisticated, lasting, and turtle-friendly living space for your favorite turtle or aquatic tortoises. In that case, Zilla Aquatic Turtle Kit 20 Gallon is your best buy. This turtle kit holds a modern and outstanding turtle habitat with unique design features made by Zilla.

The terrarium has a lovely look with a clear appearance and will fit your home or office locations besides providing comfortable housing for your shelled friend. But how worth the aquatic turtle kit for professionals and beginners? Also, what feature you will get with the kit’s package?

To get the proper and ardent answer to all these questions, continue reading this Zilla Aquatic Rimless Turtle Habitat Kit review.

Zilla Aquatic Turtle Kit 20 Gallon Review

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This turtle kit from Zilla is an all-around turtle habitat with 20 gallons of spacious interior. It helps you quickly set up the turtle habitat with closeness to the natural environment of the pet. It includes every kit such as heat lights and filtration for proper installation.

Key Specification

  • Size: 30″ x 12″ x 12″
  • Volume: 20 gallons.
  • Weight: 35 pounds.
  • Includes Kit: Yes.

Zilla Premium Rimless Aquatic Turtle Kit: Features

The 20 Gallons Terrarium

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The turtle kit from Zilla has some fantastic and practical benefits for your pet turtle. Nonetheless, the 20 gallons terrarium setup of the kit will come first. It is made of premium material that is friendly for shelled animals.

Also, its open-top design lets you open its enclosure quickly for water replacement and cleaning purposes. The chamfered front brings aesthetics and an eye-pleasing appearance. It is suitable ardently for all types of office and home décor.

All in all, the terrarium is built for quality. Plus, the 20 gallons space is ideal for a medium-sized adult turtle to swim and live happily. But, many people have commented that they actually reared two adults in the aquarium.

UVB Light and Heat Fixture

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UV light is essential for any reptile, and it is even more crucial for turtles and aquatic tortoises to control their health. The lack of Vitamin D3 hampers the calcium metabolism of turtles which leads to sickening shells and bones. Also, heat is essential to regulate body temperature through the basking process for the turtle.

Zilla has addressed the issues and has included proper basking heat lights and UV light fixtures with the kit package. It also even has a light rail. So, you can fix the lights on the rail and place them right where you want them to be. The location selection is made easy by moving the light rail left and right at ease.

So, your little mate will enjoy a refreshing vibe in the kit with the included UV and mini light fixtures for happy terrarium life.

Additional Bulbs

Another striking benefit of the aquatic turtle kit is the extra bulbs. The kit includes mini fluorescent and halogen bulbs. You can fix them in the light rail to perfectly set up the basking spot for turtles. So, you won’t have to spend additionally on these essential bulbs.

Basking Platform Filter

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A clean terrarium is vividly crucial for turtles’ health. So, you may want a proper filtration system for your turtle buddy to keep the aquarium clean. Am I right?

Well, help yourself with the included basking filtration system with the cartridge to keep the tank interior clean and healthy. The filter is a quality one and would serve any professional filtering system for an aquarium likewise.

What’s more, the basking platform is sized enough to accommodate turtles as a basking platform. It even has a climbing space. So, you get a 2in-1 service from the filtration system.

It ensures your favorite turtle buddy remains healthy and happy. Impressive!

Turtle Food

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Who doesn’t want to provide quality food for their turtles? I guess only a turtle hater will make the list of not offering the turtle’s right food. If you aren’t ardently one of them, you will be glad to see Zilla’s famous Aquatic Food package within the kit.

The food package features 40+ ingredients with a nutritious and delicious diet for turtles. It includes fishes, plants, crustaceans, and plants. So, it is a perfect mix of vegetables and protein items that will encourage turtles’ for a healthy appetite.

Water Conditioner

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You also get a Reptile Water Conditioner from Zilla in the package. The conditioner ensures the tap water you used in the terrarium is safe. It successfully removes chlorine, hard metals, chloramines, and other metals to make the terrarium water the safest.

So, it is a remarkable conditioner to allow your turtle buddy to kick off its life with safety and comfort in the tank.

Zilla Premium Rimless Aquatic Turtle Kit: Pros & Cons

Includes all essential equipment in the kit.The filtration system consumes too much space.
The UV light and heat fixtures are durable and sufficient.It is not for larger turtles.
The food package is made of 40+ ingredients for a proper diet.
The included water conditioner helps to regulate the tank water.
Twenty gallons of space help you mimic the turtles’ natural habitat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. The Size Measures 20 Gallons, Whereas The Description Says 40 Gallons. What Is The Exact Size Of The Zilla Aquatic Turtle Kit?

It is a 20-gallon water tank for turtles. The description says 20L, which is converted to 40 gallons which confuses many users. But rest assured it is a 20-gallon terrarium.

2. What size and type of filtration you should use in the aquatic terrarium?

You are recommended to use replacement filter cartridges from the Zilla Basking Platform. It will fit perfectly and less likely, to contradict the terrarium setup.

Final Notes

Zilla Aquatic Turtle Kit 20 Gallon is a suitable terrarium setup for small and medium turtles, but it is not perfect. Also, beginners will love purchasing the turtle kit for a close to its natural appearance of it. The rimless design looks contemporary.

It included a filtration system, and a food pack offers excellent turtle maintenance when you begin turtle pet keeping. In short, this all-around turtle kit is highly commendable for beginners with small and medium-sized turtles.

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