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sea turtle noises

Sea Turtle Noises | What Noise Does a Sea Turtle Make?

Turtles lack vocal cords. So can they make noise? I have taken my time to do a lot of research about turtles. I have visited very many websites and found so much information about these awesome creatures.

However, I noticed that most people didn’t know whether turtles make noises or not. That’s why I set out to get the best possible answer for that. In this post, I am going to address sea turtle noises.

So what will I tackle here? I will tackle the one burning question that every turtle lover must be looking at: does a turtle make noise? At the end of this article, you will find out if turtles make noises, what type of noises they make, and when they make them.

Let’s take a look and see what I have prepared for you.

Sea Turtle Noises

Does Turtle Make Noise?

The answer to this question is the affirmative. Turtles make noises. Some sea turtle noises are distinct when a turtle wants to nestle. They can also make noises when they are wooing their mates.

More importantly, most sea turtles make noises but only when they are underwater. I have owned a few turtles and I studied them closely. My realization was simple. When turtles are underwater, they make old-plane-like noises.

This is especially true for aqua turtles. The frequency is often low and unless you love turtles as I do, you might never catch it. Sometimes I had to acquire expert help to assist me in doing these studies.

Semi-aquatic turtles, on the other hand, may click or chirp. And while mating they squeak. However, larger species will also grunt when they mate.

NOTE: Even though turtles make noise, the type of noise that they make depends on very many factors. I am going to mention a few of them next.

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Sea Turtle Cove

What You Must Know About Turtle Noises

Here are a number of things that I believe you should understand about turtle noises. They are simple but will impact your knowledge greatly.

First, you must understand that turtle noises are made by turtles. However, there are some turtles that survive both in water and on land. The turtles are referred to as semi-aquatic turtles. When looking at sounds we have to cover them too.

Next, it is important to note that turtle noises are made at very low frequencies. The frequencies come in short duration and are therefore very hard to hear except sometimes with advanced technology.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is this. Turtles unlike what was believed before are not deaf. They can hear. They can follow the sounds and find their mates when they want to reproduce.

Finally, turtles don’t make the same type of noise. The noises they make will differ on what they want to do, the type of species that they are, their gender, and sometimes even their sizes. Depending on all these factors, the sounds can be very different.

When Do Turtles Make Noises?

It is believed that turtles such as aquatic turtles will make noises under different circumstances. Some of these circumstances that a turtle can make noise include the following:

Mating: Turtles will make noise when they are mating. Some turtles will grunt when they are mating.

Hungry: When turtles are hungry or when they want to eat they will make noise. This is especially common with small turtles.

Threatened: If turtles are threatened or under attack, they can also make noise. The most common ones do so when startled.

Nestling: When female turtles nest, they may also make noises. The noises can include chirping, clucks, or belching.

NOTE: The noises turtles make can also be influenced by how happy and comfortable the turtle is. If the turtle feels scared in its environment, it won’t make happy noises at all.

Types of Turtles and The Noises they Make

There are seven distinct species of turtles. These turtles make different noises. Here are some of them and the types of noises that they make.

Chelonians: These types of turtles make sounds by swallowing hard. They can also force air out from their lungs and by doing that also make sounds. Nonetheless, some of these species also make other general sounds.

The Red-Footed: This tortoise is scientifically referred to as Chelonoidis carbonaria. It is a native of South America. The Red-Footed species often makes a series of chicken-like clucks which makes it very unique.

Male Travancore: This is a tortoise that’s found in Southeast Asia. Its scientific name is Indotestudo Forstenii. The tortoise gives out a high-pitched whine. The whine is meant to woo partners during mating. It sounds like an electric motor.

Giant Musk Turtle: The masked turtle is called the Staurotypus Salvini. It originates from Central America. The turtle yelps like the dog especially when it’s startled and when it is attacked.

Leatherback Turtles: Dermochelys Coriacea as they are scientifically called makes the weirdest sounds. The sound is made when nesting. The female leatherback turtle makes noises that resemble that of a belching human when nestling.

NOTE: Tortoises, just like turtles will make noises. They belong to the same scientific classification and are therefore closely related.

sea turtle noises


Contrary to what has been put forward before, turtles make noises. Sea turtle noises are many. They may differ from one type of turtle to the next. They might also come under different circumstances such as when laying eggs.

The thing is you don’t have to follow turtle noises. But if you love these awesome creatures as I do, you should. It will be the most amazing knowledge that you equip yourself with about turtles.

In addition to that, proper care of turtles also requires in-depth knowledge. That’s why it is important that you keep these facts in mind.

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