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turtle aquarium decor

Turtle Aquarium Decor | How to Decorate a Turtle Aquarium Properly

Today we will discuss Turtle Aquarium Decor. Turtles love cool spaces. You might never realize it until you try it out. When I change the setting of my turtle’s aquarium – which I do once in a while, I notice more life. The turtle moves around more. It swims a lot and seems to enjoy its environment.

Just the other month I brought in a partner and my sea turtles beamed with life. When I added the decorations, the two now play for hours. I will change the lighting sometime and then bring in a new turtle aquarium.

However, many people find decorating a turtle aquarium a rather challenging idea. That’s why I am here to help. Turtle aquarium décor is a brainer at all. With the tips that I am going to give you, you can DIY too.

So by the end of this post, you should have a few décor ideas of yours. You will also be able to decorate your turtle aquarium alone. Let’s take a look at our post in detail.

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Turtle Aquarium Decor

Huryfox Aquarium Decor Plants

Decorative Plants

Aqua turtles and even pet turtles love the touch of normalcy. A good way to do that is to add decorative plants in their aquarium. This tip cuts across anyone who wants to keep turtles. So whether you have a box turtle or an aqua turtle, always bring in the green touch.

TIP: Don’t add live plants. Turtles love to feed on green plants. So if you put live plants they will eat them up. I suggest putting artificial plastic plants instead. Just for aesthetics.

Hiding Spot

Most turtles that live in an aquarium will need some privacy sometimes. Bring in a hiding spot for the turtle. Artificial caves and boulders will give better hiding spots.  A hiding spot doesn’t have to be any of these though. You can simply find other options that you can purchase online or from local pet stores. I have used a carved out log for my pets.

Decorative Rocks

Don’t confuse what I am about to say with a substrate. This is simply a decorative rock. It should just add color to the aquarium. It doesn’t have to act as a substrate. You will set it on top of the substrate. The colors used should be turtle-friendly.

Add UV Lighting

This is no entirely a decorative thing. No. In reality, pet turtles need UV lights. The light is necessary for the turtle to bask under as they do under the natural sunshine. The UV lighting, therefore, gives you the next best option of acquiring the type of lighting that turtles need.

Use Decorative Substrate

Apart from adding a rock, you can also add decorative bedding. The bedding used in a turtle’s aquarium is called a substrate. The substrate is used to add a natural touch to the aquarium. However, there are some that are quite colorful.

Even so, whichever type of decorative substrate you choose for your turtle, ensure that they are clean and safe. Turtles are very delicate and any exposure to harmful bacteria might as well turn harmful and lead to diseases.

TIP: The type of decorative substrate that you will use in your turtle’s aquarium will depend mainly on the type of turtle that you have. I have an aquatic turtle so the decorative substrates or gravels are the normal types. I bought them from the local store.

How to Build a Basking Area For Turtles

Set a Docking Place

A colorful docking place will make your turtles happy. A docking place/basking area is the place where your turtles will turn to when they want to enjoy the UV lighting. You can always use colorful containers to design a docking place. The colors you choose should look lovely. They should also relate to the turtle’s natural habitat so that they don’t get scared.

What You Should Know When Designing A Docking Place

Many people think that giving turtles a docking space is a luxury that they don’t need. Well, that’s not true.

Turtles, unlike fish, cannot stay submerged in the water throughout the time. If this happens, they will eventually die. From time to time, turtles need to gulp some oxygen. This is so because turtles have lungs.

When making a turtles docking area, therefore, you must ensure that the docking area allows them to catch their breath.

You should also set up the docking area with an easy-to-climb plane. Smooth planes aren’t the type of things that will make a turtle’s work easy.

Next, the basking area of the turtle should be large enough to accommodate them. When your turtle starts to lay eggs, they will need the same area. That’s why it should be a wide area always.

When adding decorative touches to the turtle’s aquarium, make sure that:

  • They aren’t putting the turtle in danger
  • They are easy to move through: Strings might tangle the turtle
  • The turtle cannot chew on the hem or swallow them
  • They don’t squeeze up the turtle’s space
  • They are not contaminated in any way
  • Clean them before you bring them in.

NOTE: Turtles like many other animals need to be happy. A good way to guarantee that is to design a lovely aquarium for them. Bring in playing toys in the area and also give them a discreet area that they can always hide in.

Sand for Turtle Tank


If you are looking for better turtle aquarium décor ideas, there is no harm in experimenting. You can never tell. Some of the ideas that you harbor may be the best. Nonetheless, I have given you a better place to start.

With these tips, you should be able to give your turtle a peaceful environment. Turtles with the best spaces will be lively. They will move a lot and will also remain healthy. This means that they will also feed better.

Better feeding eliminates so many things including diseases. So, don’t wait anymore, give your turtles the best spaces.

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