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Best Turtle Tank in 2023 | Awesome Picks For Turtle Lovers

When you go out to shop and fix your eyes on that one thing that you know you must have- you always return home with it at one point in time or another. You may have seen a gorgeous yet cute turtle doing its thing in nature and fall in love with it. Then, you decide to bring it home.

But, it cannot live the same way as you. It needs both water and land. So, what you need is a tank to keep it. And, that cannot be any other tank but the best turtle tank for the best pet you can ever have!

Selecting a turtle tank is not really that easy if you want it for the long term. You have a lot of things to consider. And, it’s not limited to just the features of the tank. In fact, you will have to consider your needs, your turtle’s needs, and finally what you need from the tank.

Our buying guide will let you know every aspect of the tank you will have to consider. Moreover, the reviews of the best tanks will give you an idea of what the existing tanks in the market are capable of providing. Let’s get going!

8 Best Turtle Tank in 2023

1. Tetra Deluxe Aquatic Turtle Kit:

[amazon box=”B075MKTGJM” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Want your little buddy to live in heaven? Then, this Tetra Turtle tank kit that comes with everything you need for your turtle’s home can be a top priority. Apparently, this turtle tank looks so good that all your guests will appreciate the little escape to heaven in your house.

This has a size of 30 X 12 X 12 inches with a 20-gallon capacity. As you can imagine, it is suitable for smaller turtles but not for grown-up ones. So, you may have to replace it with a larger one when your turtle grows up.

This tank comes with everything you require- a filter, dome-shaped heating lamps, a basking platform, and even a lid. Therefore, you do not have to wonder what you left out. The problem, however, is that these accessories even included are not the most efficient.

The filter may be too large or too small and not do its job properly, and the bulbs do the same. You may have to buy these separately again to get the best results. While the tank is meant to last long, the glass can get blurry or receive dents during delivery. Therefore, check it well when you receive it.

A few parts may not fit perfectly either. For the price it comes at, it is a pretty good turtle tank.

A very beautiful decorative tank.The parts do not always fit.
Includes everything you need.A few accessories can be useless and you will have to buy them separately to make them work.
A good one for a beginner and a little turtle.
Good quality build.
Good dimensions.
Reasonable price.

2. Tetra Complete Aquarium Kit:

[amazon box=”B0053PQL8M” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Can you imagine how ethereal LED lights in an aquarium can look in the dark? How amazing the room you keep the aquarium in will look? If you haven’t then it’s time for you to experience artificial beauty at its best. This Tetra complete aquarium kit comes with color-changing LED lights in it- of course, you can choose the color it stays put at.

This kit comes with everything you will need and even more. Apparently, there is a filter, heater, thermometer, and even decorative plants. You also get a basking platform of course. However, you cannot really rely on these accessories that well.

The filter may not filter the water fast enough. So, you will have to replace some of the accessories yourself. The heater does a great job. On the other hand, this unit does not come with gravel but does come with turtle food for a few days.

You will find this unit quite easy to set and that is a blessing. Furthermore, the quality of the build is quite great. The price is reasonable as well but if you face problems with the accessories you may not feel as lucky.

It has a capacity for holding 20 gallons of water. The dimension of this unit is 24.2″ L x 12.4″ W x 16.7″ H which is good enough for a turtle to move around freely.

LED lights make this aquarium a thing of beauty in your house.The accessories are not the best and you may have to replace them.
It comes with pretty much every accessory you need.It does not come with gravel.
Very easy to set up.
Great quality and durable build.
Reasonable price.
The heater does its job well.

3. SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set:

[amazon box=”B000634GVU” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Do you want to get a clear view of the turtle in the water through the aquarium as if there is no medium between you and the turtle at all? Then, this SeaClear Acrylic aquarium does its name justice. Apparently, it is made of acrylic instead of glass and provides you with the benefits of it very well.

The acrylic is strong, very clear, and also lightweight, So, you can move the aquarium really easily. But, it may get scratched easily.

The shape and size of the aquarium are a bit unique. So, you may have a hard time finding the right stand or table for it. In fact, one customer mentioned using a TV cabinet to keep this aquarium.

When it comes to accessories it includes- it does not include much. It comes with a good setting for lights but does not come with a bulb. Furthermore, the light often feels too bright at dim as well- which is not the best news for a turtle.

It includes a lid and the top is a bit small so you may have a hard time fitting your decorative and other pieces through it. However, the overall setup is extremely easy.

This unit offers good value for the price despite the few inconveniences.

Very clear aquarium.The lighting system is not the best.
Quite strong yet lightweight.It does not include a lot of accessories.
Very easy to set up.Hard to find a stand that fits it.
Good value for the price.
It will last longer.

4. Exo Terra AllGlass Terrarium:

[amazon box=”B001B5DKN2″ grid=”1″ price=”none”]

What makes a tank different and more valuable from others? The design, of course. And, this Exo Terra AllGlass Terrarium has a design that considers every aspect of the needs you may have.

Apparently, it comes with doors on the front that you can open or keep locked as per your need. Your turtles may need some air and you can just let them have it in the peace of their own homes. Furthermore, it has an elevated floor that is also waterproof.

As you can guess, this tank is for bigger turtles that can handle the bigger holes and gaps. Apparently, the doors and other parts of the tank seem to have gaps that can be very dangerous for smaller creatures. Other than that, this unit has a rock background that looks very natural and instills a bit of serenity in your modern home.

You know that you have to set up filters, heaters, lights, etc on this tank for your turtle to live happily. Apparently, this tank has inlets for wires and more just for that purpose. If you do not need the inlets then you can keep them closed as well- it is completely up to you.

The tank has different dimensions than usual tanks and is more tall than wide. The glass that builds it is very strong and durable as well. It has a reasonable price for the design, maybe not the size.

A very unique and effective design.The doors and other parts have gaps that can be very dangerous for some animals.
The doors let the turtle stay exactly where they are and not roam around the whole house.
Strong build.
Easy to add accessories because of the inlets.
A very versatile unit.
Reasonable price.

5. Reptile Habitat Aquarium Tank Kit:

[amazon box=”B09GYH2NVZ” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Are you in search of a very basic tank that will just have the necessary for your turtle? Then, this Reptile Habitat Aquarium kit may be what you are looking for. It is a bit small in size and that is what makes it ideal for the smaller turtles.

Made of glass, this tank is very strong and durable. In fact, it comes with all the accessories. If your turtle needs to hide, it gets a place to hide in this tank. Moreover, the tank has steps, filter, and also a heating bulb.

However, the filter may not be the most efficient. Also, the heating bulb may show some trouble. Therefore, you may have to replace them after a while.

Other than that, this tank comes with a lid. However, at times the lid may feel a bit too easy to take off. Your turtle may be able to escape if it can climb up to the lift.

Overall, the price is reasonable but it could include more useful features to provide greater value.

A very simple design.The accessories may not work that well.
Good for smaller turtles.The lid may be too light.
Easy to set up.It could include more features for the price.
Good quality build.
It comes with everything necessary.
Good design.

6. Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Reptile Kit:

[amazon box=”B00IA93NQG” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

When you see this turtle tank kit, you will have one word on your mind- Neat! It is a very basic unit coming with almost everything you will need in a turtle tank. Apparently, it has a 10-gallon capacity so it is not really for the bigger species or turtles.

The glass that makes this tank is strong and durable- and just what you want it to be very clear. Furthermore, it comes with a light setting and a basking platform. However, the light is quite difficult to mount and you will need some time to figure out how to do it with the mesh screen.

Furthermore, you may be better off using a stand for the light as the placement often causes great harm to the pet- a pet got fried. Other than that, the unit does not come with a heater so you will have to buy one separately.

It also comes with a filter and for once the included filter performs well. Inspect the tank upon arrival as it often gets broken in the delivery process. Lastly, the tank has a very reasonable price.

A very neat and clear tank.Hard to set a few parts.
A size that is good enough for the smaller turtles.The lights need to be set carefully.
It comes with the most necessary things.It does not include gravel or a heater.
Comes at a reasonable price.

7. Zilla Premium Rimless Aquatic Turtle Habitat Kit:

[amazon box=”B00KXX1OKO” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Are you looking for a turtle tank that uses rimless glass in the making? Then, this Zilla Premium turtle habitat kit may be able to meet your standards. One of the best things about this tank is that it comes with instructions and lets you set it up in the easiest way possible.

You won’t be left alone wondering which part goes where and how. Furthermore, it includes a number of necessary accessories. It has a basking spot inside it for the turtle to do what it needs.

Moreover, it comes with a filter. The filter does a great job but you may feel that it takes too much space up in the way it has to be set. This tank has a capacity of 20 gallons so you can guess that it is not for bigger turtles.

Other than that, it does not really include everything you need as it claims. In fact. You will have to buy a heater, gravel, and a few other things to provide everything your turtle needs in the tank.

The tank looks great and the glass is clear enough to give you a good view of your turtle. In the end, it is a good buy for the price.

Rimless design for those who want it.The filter may be too big.
Great quality build.
It comes with a good filter that acts as a basking spot.
Very easy to set up.
A quite clear view.
Good price.

8. Playlearn Turtle Aquarium with LED Lights:

[amazon box=”B00D6NPL4S” grid=”1″ price=”none”]

Do you want to make the environment of your house more serene? Are you looking for a lamp to do that? This Playlearn jellyfish and turtle aquarium with its LED lights will light up your room and give it a look that completely relaxes the people visiting.

Apparently, not only does it have color-changing LED lights but it also features fake jellyfishes and turtles so the kids can learn about the animals and also be relaxed. It has a good capacity and good build which is durable.

However, it lacks a number of other features that turtles need. You will have to install the filter, basking platform, heater, etc. yourself. His unit actually acts more like a toy than an actual tank for a turtle.

So, you will have to modify it to a very different level. However, one thing you can be sure of is that it will always look great. It also has a safety feature that turns off the motor after four hours.

When you buy, make sure you are buying the turtle tank rather than the jellyfish one. Lastly, it is quite affordable so you can just give it a try to add features later on.

A beautiful decorative unit.It does not include the necessary accessories for a turtle.
Good capacity.Acts more like a toy.
Very reasonable price.
Durable build.
The lights make it look great.

Best Turtle Tank: The Buying Guide

Here are a few things you will just have to consider for the sake of your turtles.

1. The Tank Size

You may think- the bigger, the better. Well, yes, bigger can be better for your turtles if it has the right design, but it may not be the best choice for you. There is a lot of things to consider when you are looking for the right tank size for your turtle, or turtles- AHA!

So, how many turtles do you look after? As you can already guess, the greater the number of turtles, the larger the tank should be. Then, there is the age and size of the turtles as well. You, apparently, have to select the size based on the length of the shell.

Usually, a six-inch shell will require a tank size of 60 gallons, a five-inch shell will require 50 gallons.

Apart from that, you will have to consider the type of turtle you own as well. Aquatic turtles will definitely need more water. Therefore, the tank can be more wide than long. On the other hand, land turtles will require more time above water. As a result, their tanks can be quite long in shape so that the water is more distributed but not that deep.

In fact, the tank should contain enough water for a turtle to turn over while it is still immersed in water. However, as I mentioned, your needs matter as well. You will definitely find it harder to maintain a larger tank.

So, consider how much space you have in your house for the tank as well. Also, it is best if you buy a tank that your little turtle can grow up in and continue living in it. Because smaller tanks will need upgrades or replacement which can get very costly.

2. The Basking Space

What makes a fish tank different from a turtle tank? A basking space is a must in a turtle tank. Turtles get what they need from their environment to harden their shells and make their body stronger- it’s not only food.

Apparently, turtles are cold-blooded animals and they need heat from outside to stay healthy and maintain their body temperatures. You will find rock crevices and more in a turtle tank for the turtles to climb up to bask in the sun or just someplace dry. It is very necessary for heir well being.

3. The Ease of Adding Features

A turtle needs suitable conditions to live its best life. If you want to provide the turtle with the conditions you better make sure the tank has the capability to handle what your little buddy needs. The tank water needs to be cleaned and has to be cleaned quite frequently.

Why? Because turtles are much bigger than fish and produce a lot of waste. Therefore, a filter should be one of the easiest things to attach to your tank. It should either be big enough or with an appropriate setting for a filter. Or, you have to choose an appropriate filter for it.

Other than that, there is a consideration for lights that provide UVA and UVB rays. You have to consider heat as well. Now, involving something external to hold the light in place above your turtle tank is not really the greatest option. It will require more space and effort.

Therefore, your tank itself should have an appropriate setting for the light to be mounted.

4. The Decorative Factors

You want your turtles to leave a good impression on your guests. Furthermore, you want your house to look beautiful. A tank can look really messy if it is not the right one for your house and it is empty.

Some turtle tanks come with their own trees, lights, wooden basking grounds, etc to make the interior look beautiful. The colors of the lights can make your house look more lively.

Therefore, consider how you want your turtle tank to look. Do you want a modern look or an old school look? Whatever it is, look hard, or just choose a basic tank that you can modify as per your wish. You really will not regret it.

5. The Substrate of Your Choice

You need a turtle tank for various purposes- one of which is breeding. When a turtle breeds, it needs sand. That is why if you are considering making your turtle breed then you must have sand substrate in your tank.

If you do not, then the turtles either won’t lay the eggs or will lay the eggs on water or in the wrong place. This can be harmful to both the turtle and the eggs. Therefore, for both their safety, consider keeping a sand substrate.

6. The Material of The Tank

When you look at a tank you just consider it to be made of glass, don’t you? Well, there is another material that can make a turtle tank and it is Acrylic. However, glass is still the better option.

In fact, glass is durable and strong. On the other hand, acrylic is lighter than glass and can get scratched quite easily. So, it is up to you which material you want to put up with for the time being.

7. The Accessories It includes

We mentioned that the tank should have the ability to get attached to a few accessories that determine how much of a healthy life your little turtle is living. Now, what if these accessories come with the tank itself? You wouldn’t have to find the right fit for the tank. Because it will come with the right fits itself.

So, check the accessories it includes. The irony, however, is that you have to get rid of most of the things included anyway because they usually are not of the best quality. Therefore, do not get your hopes too high.

8. Design

You may be thinking to yourself, tanks are tanks, do they have a specific design? Actually, they do. If you want your tank to look unique then you can consider the shape, the glass type and more of the tank. Apparently, not all tanks are just rectangular boxes.

They can come in various shapes. In fact, they can even include windows and doors because turtles need their fresh air as well. Apart from that, you can choose rimless glass tanks as well. But, make sure that the design of the tank does not pose a threat to the lie of the pet in any way.

Safety features along with the unique design will be a great combination.

9. The Price

The more features the tank includes, the higher the price will be. You may even find buying accessories separately to be more profitable than buying them in a kit. However, usually, the kits offer better value.

The quality matters a lot as well. If you want a quality product you need to rise above the cheapest tanks available. So settle somewhere between the cheap and the expensive by observing and researching for the best. You will surely end up with a tank that offers good value.

Best Turtle Tank: The Benefits of Having one

Why buy a turtle tank when you could maybe do with your previous fish tank? Here’s why.

A Larger More Suitable Habitat

Turtles are not just bigger than most aquarium fishes but they also eat more and require more room to move around. This is why a separate tank that serves them is a great idea as they can be at ease.

Suitable For Required Features

Fish tanks do not come with a basking spot. If you have been paying attention you know that turtles need the basking spot to stay healthy. Turtle tanks offer these basking spots in different ways as per your needs. You get to choose from a variety of designs for the species you take care of.

Ready To Live In

Some turtle tanks come as a whole package. These tanks contain everything a turtle needs for its tank. A filter, UV lights, basking spot, everything. You do not have to worry about missing out on anything. Furthermore, the accessories fit the tank perfectly so you do not have to look for a compatible accessory either. Thus, it’s safer for your turtle if you are doing it for the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can You Keep Sea Turtles In A Turtle Tank?

You definitely can but as you can guess they have their own requirements. For the sake of their health, you will have to keep seawater in the tank. Now, you may collect seawater or make it yourself, whatever the case- you will have to make sure the tank is compatible with the water.

There are elements in seawater or saltwater that can harm glass or acrylic. Make sure the tank you are buying will receive no damage or will not decay because of the saltwater.

How To Clean A Turtle Tank?

Turtles are capable of creating a lot of waste. Therefore, a turtle tank requires a lot of cleaning but mainly on two levels- water and the tank. You must install a filter in the tank so that the water is cleaned automatically every time. Then, there comes a day when you take out the filter and clean it to get rid of the dirt it has collected.
A turtle tank itself won’t require such frequent cleaning. When it does, just keep the turtle in a temporary place, get rid of the water, and clean the interior and also the exterior of the tank with water, cloth, and maybe mild soap. Rinse it well, fill it up with fresh water and let your turtles in again.

Final Notes

Turtles are bigger creatures than fishes requiring more and making more waste as well. Therefore, choosing a turtle tank is not as easy as choosing a fish tank. You need the tank to be stronger with more features.

Therefore, you have to consider how well the tank you are choosing will be able to handle the extra features. Then there is a question of durability as well. Only when you consider every aspect will you end up with the best turtle tank there ever was.

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