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You do not stay home all day. On particular days, you may be out all day and most part of the night as well. Having a turtle home feels like having a kid that you need to take care of at home. The only problem here is that you do not get babysitters for turtles and even if you did- you may think it’s not worth it.

But what about the holidays? Do you have to live with worry no matter how well you take care of things? Frustrating, isn’t it? However, science actually has made life easier for us, the human race. Apparently, you can find turtle feeders to take care of your turtle when you are out there working like a horse or enjoying your life.

Turtles really do not need much from you except its timely food- well they will eat all day if you provide them with food all day but that’s about it. When you find the best automatic turtle feeder to take care of your turtle’s needs- you will be relieved from burdening another person with the task as well.

 However, it is a life that depends on the feeder and you cannot be light when looking for a feeder. Therefore, you will have to consider a few things that you probably still do not know about. Do not worry because we are here to let you know everything you need to know about turtle feeders.

8 Best Automatic Turtle Feeders in 2022

1. Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit:

EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder Programmable Automatic Food...
  • Great for everyday use whether you are home or away
  • Set it and let if feed your fish everyday
  • Convienient worry-free feeding for healthy fish
  • Easy to set up and use and includes easy start guide
  • Integrated fan and ventilation system keeps the food dry

Looking for something that you can rely on to be accurate for a while? Then, this Eheim Automatic Feeder will not fail to impress you. In fact, it is one of those easy-to-use compact units that just make your life better every day.

If you are worried about how much food it can contain at a time- don’t be it has a drum of good capacity. In fact, I have the capacity of holding 100 ml at a time. Now, the type of food you keep in it matters a lot- it is not flexible enough for all kinds of shapes and textures. Apparently, larger-than-usual food bits tend to get stuck in it.

When it comes to installation- it is very easy to do. However, you may find that the clamp is a bit flimsy over time. Also, make sure you install it a bit away from water because water can get in easily and destroy the food. Other than that it has an LCD display to make using it a hell lot easier.

You can set it up easily and trust it to be accurate. In fact, you can set up to 8 feeds per day for weeks. So, you can go on holiday easily without worry. However, the same is not the case in the long run. With time- the unit may stop working accurately and perfectly.

At a point, you may have to turn it on manually to feed as well. That is when things get hard and you may need to replace them. However, it comes at a good price and it won’t be a heartache when you have to replace it. Because you will have used the best of it and the price it came for would be worth it.

2. Fish Mate Automatic Feeder:

Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder
  • Serves up to 14 individual meals
  • Feeds all fish foods, including flake
  • Easy to use timer provides from 1 to 4 meals per day
  • Reliable and accurate quartz timer
  • Battery condition indicator

Do you have to feed different kinds of food to your turtle? And, you cannot just let the different kinds go out at the same time? Then, this Fish Mate Automatic Feeder will keep all the turtle food neatly arranged in it. In fact, you can keep fourteen different types of food in its fourteen sections on the rotating plate.

The capacity of this feeder is not negligible either. You get to keep 150 liters of food at a time. Of course, you can use its timer to set up the feeding times for your turtles. Apparently, you can set it up for four meals per day.

The user interface is quite friendly so you won’t have a hard time. Apart from that, setting this unit up is not a hard task either. It comes with brackets that are very easy to use and you will find it as easy as a breeze to install it. However, you do not want to put any pressure on it when you mount it. That will, by the law of physics, make it flimsy and it may even fall.

Let’s talk about what may get difficult with this unit. Firstly, the type and size of food flakes you use kind of matter. The hole through which the food passes is not the largest. As a result, some food tends to get stuck. Which can make cleaning this unit a difficult task as well.

Other than that, the separate sections do not come with a lot of room. So, you may find yourself forcing some food in. So, while the overall capacity is great, the capacity per section is not the greatest.

In conclusion, this unit has a unique and useful design. Furthermore, it is not very expensive. It requires batteries to function and comes with a year’s warranty. So, you can rely on it to keep your turtle alive.

3. Eheim Turtle Feeder:

EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder Programmable Automatic Food...
  • Great for everyday use whether you are home or away
  • Set it and let if feed your fish everyday
  • Convienient worry-free feeding for healthy fish
  • Easy to set up and use and includes easy start guide
  • Integrated fan and ventilation system keeps the food dry

If you feed your turtles with food bits that are rather small then this Eheim Turtle feeder will be a great choice for you. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that will provide you with a good number of options to choose from. Furthermore, it is quite accurate in its timing and amount as well.

You have to set this unit up sideways and this can be a problem for those who have a tank with no top surface to keep the feeder on. Apparently, if you do not set it right, it may fall into the water and be doomed for life. There is a method or part that comes with it to allow mounting on any tank- but the instructions are not clear or even there at times.

Other than that, the interface is not easy to program at first but once you figure it out it takes the least amount of time from your daily routine. But, the unit is small and you may find it difficult to read the manual as well. Other than that, the bigger food particles tend to get stuck in the hole- which may make it difficult to clean.

The unit uses batteries that are quite long-lasting. So, the overall cost to purchase and maintain this unit is not that much really. You get great value for the price you pay but only if it is compatible with the type of food you feed your turtles.

This unit can feed up to four times a day but it does not have a huge drum capacity.

4. ExoTerra Turtle Automatic Feeder:

FREESEA Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder: Vacation Timer...
  • 【Manual and Automatic Mode】: FREESEA Automatic Fish Feeder...
  • 【Adjustable Feeding Amount】: The Automatic Fish Feeder uses...
  • 【Moisture-Proof Design】: The electric feeder adopts...
  • 【0.05 Gal & Two Fixed Methods】: The Electric Adjustable Auto...
  • 【Warranty】: Comes with a 12-month warranty; If you have any...

Want something that won’t fry your brain when you are installing it? Then, you can check this ExoTerra automatic feeder out as it is one feeder that is quite compatible with almost any turtle tank out there. Furthermore, it is very easy to install as well- but if you do not do it right- it just might fall in the water.

This unit runs on batteries so it won’t cost you a fortune nor will it end too soon. You will absolutely love how this feeder serves you. In fact, it is definitely something you can rely on. It will give out the right amount of food at the right time.

You can set it up for four feeds per day. However, it has the capacity to hold around a week’s worth of food for the turtle- not bad, right? But, you may face one trouble.

This unit is accurate but it is not very easy to set. Most customers who used it had the same thing to say about it- it is not easy to set up the amount of food you want out per feed. So, you will have to take some time to figure out how to set it up easily. Furthermore, you may need an equal amount of time per day to set it up.

Because when you remove the canister, or battery to clean this unit- it resets itself. As a result, you will have to remember what you had set it at and set it up again for use.

Otherwise, it is quite a durable unit and is reliable. It is quite affordable as well.

5. PROCHE Automatic Turtle Feeder:

Seahighpet Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder: Vacation Auto...
  • Pretty Easy to Program: Automatic fish feeder can help you...
  • Moisture-proof Design: Auto aquarium fish feeder adopts a...
  • Long working hours: You can see the battery usage on the monitor...
  • Large Capacity & Easy to Use: 200ml/0.75gallon large capacity,...
  • Two Different Fixed Methods: Seahighpet fish tank feed dispenser...

Do you want a robust-looking feeder that will handle the tough job for you when you are away? Then, this PROCHE automatic turtle feeder is something you can consider. Apparently, its durability and looks are not the only things that make this feeder so worth the money.

You will find this unit extremely easy to use. In fact, setting up the amount of food you want per feed is the easiest using its dial. It may not always be accurate but it does not go too far from what is needed.

Apart from that, you get to install it in two ways as per your tank’s requirement. However, you may have to read the manual for quite a while to figure out how to perfectly mount this unit without the risk of it falling.

It is a beautiful unit that shows clearly the level of food it has in it. Furthermore, it has a really good capacity as well. However, the lowest amount of food that it can discharge at a time may not be as low as you want it to be.

But, the greatest thing is that you can rely on this unit and the batteries it comes with for your holidays. Because it does quite a good job. Lastly, it does not cost a fortune either!- offering lots of value for the price you pay.

6. eBoTrade Direct Automatic Turtle Feeder:

FREESEA Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder: Vacation Timer...
  • 【Manual and Automatic Mode】: FREESEA Automatic Fish Feeder...
  • 【Adjustable Feeding Amount】: The Automatic Fish Feeder uses...
  • 【Moisture-Proof Design】: The electric feeder adopts...
  • 【0.05 Gal & Two Fixed Methods】: The Electric Adjustable Auto...
  • 【Warranty】: Comes with a 12-month warranty; If you have any...

Want something that is small in size yet with a really good capacity. I mean who wants an artificial unit poking out of their very natural, beautiful turtle tank? Not me. So, the smaller the machine, the better the view.

The concern that comes with small feeders is the amount of food they can hold. This concern is dealt with beautifully as well because this eBoTrade feeder is capable of holding a week’s worth of food for your turtle. Furthermore, if your turtle eats big chunks- it can handle that too without creating a stuck mess.

You can install this unit very easily on your tank. Even more delightful is when you find that the controls are very easy and you can easily set the time, and amount. Now, let’s get to the not-so-happy part.

Apparently, this unit is not the easiest to refill. You may find some trouble putting the canister back on with food. Other than that, the lever that controls the amount of food being sent out can get a bit loose. As a result, more food than you want can get out over time.

Apart from all that, this unit is quite durable and it also comes with a warranty. So, you can imagine the quality it is built with. Furthermore, it is still in the affordable feeder range.

7. Hydor Automatic Fish Feeder:

Hydor Automatic Fish Feeder - Battery Powered, with Air...
  • Suitable for marine, tropical aquariums & terrariums
  • Easy setting for up to 3 feedings a day
  • Works with flake, pellet, and tablet food
  • Can connect any aerator to keep food always dry and crisp
  • Easy to use LED light programming

If you are looking for something reliable and accurate then this Hydor Automatic fish feeder is what you need. Apparently, it does not come with a lot of features- just the basic ones. But, if your needs are also a few- this is more than enough.

You can feed your turtle once, twice, or thrice a day with this. However, you cannot set a timer for it and that is the only big negative. You do not enjoy a lot of flexibility with this unit.

Other than that, it supports a number of types of food bits and those bits do not get stuck. You will find this unit quite easy to set up and use as well. Furthermore, it is built to last with good-quality materials.

Sometimes it may release more food than necessary but that happens quite rarely as well. You may find the unit a bit expensive because of the few features it offers.

8. Reptiles Lover Turtle Automatic Feed Dispenser:

FREESEA Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder: Vacation Timer...
  • 【Manual and Automatic Mode】: FREESEA Automatic Fish Feeder...
  • 【Adjustable Feeding Amount】: The Automatic Fish Feeder uses...
  • 【Moisture-Proof Design】: The electric feeder adopts...
  • 【0.05 Gal & Two Fixed Methods】: The Electric Adjustable Auto...
  • 【Warranty】: Comes with a 12-month warranty; If you have any...

Want a feeder that supports a variety of food? This dispenser allows you to use at least four-plus types and sizes of food bits to provide to your turtle. While it does not have the highest capacity in the world- if it is enough for your turtle, it just is enough.

You will find this unit very easy to install because you can install it in two ways. So, you do not have to worry about the type of tank you own because this dispenser is compatible with any.

Using this feeder is very easy as well. You can set the timer for feeding your turtles multiple times a day. However, the feeder may not be the most accurate when it comes to the amount to release each time.

This unit is well-built and has a nice design to look at as well. Lastly, it comes at a reasonable price.

Best Automatic Turtle Feeder: The Buying Guide

Here are a number of things you better consider when looking for a turtle feeder on your own.

1. The Size of The Feeder

You may be taking care of a small turtle or one of the big species. Or maybe, you are taking care of a number of turtles together? Whatever the case, the amount of food needed for each case is different.

Some turtles can do with small amounts throughout the day, while others eat a large amount once or twice a day to survive. So, what you have to check out is the capacity of the feeder. How much food is it capable of holding at a time?

Apparently, this amount is not much- most turtle feeders have a small capacity. This is particularly because most feeders are meant for fish or reptiles in general. Turtles need more food compared to others- as a result, the feeders may often seem a bit too small.

So, the capacity of the feeder is something you have to consider carefully.

2. The Slot Through Which Food Will Pass

Are you offering your turtle food in different designs? Well, I mean shapes and colors. You will find food bits that are quite large and others that are small. Apparently, you may be feeding your turtle shrimps and other fish as well.

When the bits are small- the slot should have no trouble passing them out. But, if they are large and hard- it can get quite difficult for the food to pass through smaller slots. Therefore, you have to check if the slot is large enough to let the food bit pass without effort. Because if it gets stuck- it will not only be a waste of food but it will increase your cleaning chores as well.

Apart from that, if your turtle is accustomed to eating bits of that size- it can get hard to change his habit. So, you cannot change the type of food you feed it easily. Therefore, in such unfortunate cases, you will have to change the turtle feeder itself.

So, check well before buying.

3. The Ventilation System

Since it is food that the feeder will be holding on to it should be able to keep the food in ideal conditions. In fact, the feeder should have ample ventilation in it to keep the food dry. You sure do not want to deal with a mushy mess. Furthermore, it should not let moisture build at all.

4. The Installation Method

You do not want to hire professionals to just set a turtle feeder on your turtle tank. In fact, a turtle feeder should be easy to attach to whatever part of the tank you want. However, it is best if you can keep it a bit away from the water. Because the turtles with time will figure out where the food is coming from.

And, turtles can get quite aggressive. So, it will start attacking or being around the feeder too often. Other than that, you want the setup to be very sturdy. If the feeder falls into the water- the whole storage of food would get wet and wasted.

Therefore, whatever holds it- clips, suction cups, etc. It should be sturdy and strong and sticky.

5. The Features

Most turtle feeders you come across can be set to feed the turtle automatically four times a day. However, your turtle may need more than that frequency. Some feeders can handle up to twelve or more feeds per day. But, you can expect them to be more expensive.

You can set timers and more on the feeder. Make sure the turtle feeder comes with all the features you need. What you have to do in this regard is to figure out what you need first. There will definitely be a turtle feeder that can meet your needs. However, do not have unrealistic expectations like the feeder feeding itself with food when the supply is over. There are some things that must be done manually.

You can consider rechargeable batteries as well- this can come in quite handy.

6. The User Interface

If you have to spend hours frying your brain to set the feeder up then it is really not worth it, is it? And, if modern high-tech feeders cannot provide you with the convenience- they are simply failures. So, look elsewhere if the feeder interface is not delighting you with ease.

In fact, look for feeders that come with an LED display. It should be easy to program and easy to understand as well. It will even be greater if it keeps you updated about the current state of feeding.

7. The Ease of Maintenance

It is the food we are talking about and even though it is a turtle and not a human- you need to make sure that they are eating pure- healthy food. Whatever holds the food should be clean and similarly, a turtle feeder should be clean as well.

You will have to clean the turtle feeder anyway but it would be better if the design lets make it easier for you to clean. For example, the part that holds food should be easy to take off. Then, you should be able to clean it with ordinary things that you have in your house.

Other than that, automatic cleaning cycles may be available at the click of a button. If you find such features, do not let them go. However, make sure that they are functional as well. There is no point in spending on features that don’t work.

8. Durability

If you are gone for three-four days, the food concern can be an actual concern for your turtle. Sure you have set your feeder to the right setting but will it do what it is supposed to do perfectly? Are you sure it won’t suddenly stop working?

This is where your search for trust comes in. You have to be able to trust the durability and functionality of the product. This mainly comes from the company’s reputation and reviews. So, make sure you buy a feeder with quality which you can trust, something that is not prone to malfunctioning.

Best Automatic Turtle Feeder: The Benefits

Why should you get a turtle feeder when you can just make your neighbor look after the turtle when you are gone? Here’s why.


You want your turtle to form a good routine of eating, don’t you? This way you can estimate the amount of food it will be needing and fix the times for providing that food. But, as humans, you are prone to making mistakes and getting involved in other businesses. However, an automatic turtle feeder that is dedicated to feeding your turtle periodically will be excellent at the job. So, your turtle will get food just when it usually gets it and form a great routine.

Carefree Holidays and Work:

As if work was not enough to burden on your shoulders- you have to make sure your turtle is eating as well. But, now you do not. You just set the automatic turtle feeder up and it makes sure that your turtle is eating. Check that it feeds your turtle right for the first few days and you will know that it is capable of doing the job. So, both work and your holidays will be with worries that you just can’t leave but the turtle is one worry off the shelf.

An Inexpensive Solution:

While you do not have to pay your neighbor to feed your turtle, you may have to hire someone in case your neighbor cannot do it. That will be far costlier than the one-time investment you make on a turtle feeder. Just invest in it, set it up and leave your turtle home for a certain number of days if you want. You can come back to a completely healthy turtle that missed you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is It Necessary To Turn The Filter Off When Feeding The Turtles?

Not really. Turtles do not take a lot of time to eat so the food won’t be a problem for the filter and the filter will not be a problem for the food.

Best Automatic Turtle Feeder

Final Notes

Even though your turtles can go a while without food- you want to pamper them, don’t you? You do not want them to feel that mommy does not care. So, the best automatic turtle feeder will save you from the guilt when you are out enjoying leaving your turtles home.

You won’t even have to worry if you buy the best quality because of they barely malfunction- it is a life we are talking about and brands do not take it that easily.

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