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how to make a turtle happy

It is almost a decade since I started to keep turtles as pets. During this time, I have had three different turtles. I still have them to this very day and that’s the best part. But how have I done it?

It takes much more than just feeding a turtle to get them going. And don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that feeding isn’t important. What I mean is this. Apart from feeding, you must find many other ways on how to make a turtle happy.

Thankfully, these things that turtles require to have a great lifestyle are rampant and easy to find. In this post, I will highlight the most vital ones so that you can easily keep your turtle happy when you finally get one.

how do i know my turtle is happy?

Turtles that are healthy and happy will usually have bright eyes, clean shells, and be active and alert.

If your turtle seems to be lethargic or inactive, has a dirty shell, or has cloudy eyes, it might be a sign that something is wrong.

You should also monitor your turtle’s eating habits – if it isn’t eating regularly or if its eating habits change dramatically, that could also be a sign that something is wrong.

If you’re ever concerned about your turtle’s health, it’s best to consult with a veterinarian.

Different Ways to Make a Turtle Happy

Here are the simple tips that any turtle keeper can engage in if they want to keep their turtle happy.

Give them Enough Space

A spacious tank is an awesome place for turtles. Turtles love where they are free to move around and to explore. Enough space will do exactly that. It will also give them enough room to grow. With lots of space, the turtle can easily do the following:

  • Swim
  • Bask
  • Play

NOTE: Turtles love a place where they can submerge in water. They also need an area that they can jump out of the water and dry off. Buy a tank that is big. A bigger tank makes the turtle very happy.

Bring a Beach Home

You must know by now that turtles love both water and land. It is, therefore, important that you create an environment that allows them to have the best of both worlds. Creating such an awesome habitat will easily maximize the health and longevity of your turtle. Here are a few tricks that will help you to do that.

  • Keep the side of the water deeper than the turtle’s shell
  • Create a slope from the land to the water for easy movement
  • Have a basking platform that is adorned with a plants
  • Bring in the right types of heat for your turtle

NOTE: It is not uncommon to find turtles out of the water for up to twelve hours. Turtles can easily bask for half a day without going back into the water. That’s why it is important that you create a great platform for basking.

Maintain The Hygiene

Turtles can be very messy. They can poop, eat, and leave food scraps behind. What this means is the aquarium will be very dirty after a short while. So, in case, you don’t clean it, what happens next?

Leaving the turtle’s tank to get dirt will create a breading space for bacteria. The bacterial buildup can be very harmful especially if they get under the turtle’s shell. When this happens, the turtle can get ill and dull.

In addition to that, your turtle and its environment will give a bad smell. The waste can also cause higher levels of nitrates and ammonia. This can also be quite dangerous. Here are tips that will help in maintaining high standards of hygiene.

  • Have a weekly cleaning routine for your aquarium
  • Separate the feeding area and the swimming area
  • Use a soft brush to clean your turtle’s shell
  • Always clean your hands before and after you handle the turtles

NOTE: When you clean your hands before and after you handle the turtle, you won’t transfer any bacteria or germs to your turtle or to your loved ones. You will also prevent the transfer of any diseases such as salmonella.

Give a Balanced Diet

Proper feeding is one of the best ways to make a turtle happy. Your turtle feeds on plants – and they love to feed. Nonetheless, they require a balanced diet just like you. It is, therefore, very important that you provide a variety of plants.

A variety will mean different mineral and vitamins. You can buy prepared foods for turtles. You can also bring in vegetables and insects. If your turtle loves flowers and fruits, you can also give them.

NOTE: Do not feed your turtles on any dairy product. Dairy products are full of lactose which a turtle’s stomach cannot easily digest. Also, avoid processed foods.

Let Them Work Out

Turtles love to swim around and to work out. It helps them to remove stiffness and to stretch a bit. To help turtles to stretch, the best thing to do is to provide them with live food in the form of a snack. This enables the turtle to get into a chase that keeps them fit.

Some of the live foods that you can feed turtles on include these:

  • Crickets
  • Shrimp
  • Mealworms
  • Live fish
  • Waxworms

Buy Them Toys

There are some turtles that love to play. You can buy for their toys. However, you should touch your turtles frequently. Make sure that you keep handling to a minimum. If you don’t limit this turtles will get stressed and withdrawn.

Bring In Proper Lighting

Finally, you should bring proper lighting for the turtles to bask under. Pet turtles will require both the UVA and UVB light spectrum. This will help them to maintain better health. You can buy these bulbs from the pet store.

Just inquire to find if the store has the type of bulbs that you need. With a proper bulb, your turtle will be able to bask throughout the day. These unique lighting also helps to kill germs and bacteria.

How To Make A Turtle Happy At A Glance?

the best way to make a turtle happy will vary depending on the individual turtle’s personality and preferences. However, some general tips that may help include providing a clean and comfortable habitat, offering a variety of food items that the turtle enjoys, and being patient and gentle when interacting with the turtle. In addition, it’s important to never forcibly handle a turtle, as this can cause them to stress and harm them.


1. how to make a box turtle happy?

some general tips that might make your box turtle happy include:

# Providing a variety of foods to eat, including fresh fruits and vegetables, insects, and other small animals
Putting a shallow dish of water in the enclosure so your turtle can swim and bathe.

# Make sure the enclosure is large enough for your turtle to roam around comfortably.

# Keeping the temperature in the enclosure at a comfortable level.

#Offering plenty of hiding places where your turtle can feel safe and secure

2. what makes a turtle happy?


some tips on how to make a box turtle happy include providing it with a clean, comfortable place to live, feeding it fresh, healthy food, and letting it explore and play outdoors when safe.

Box turtles also love being petted and handled gently, so make sure to spend time with your pet turtle each day!

3. what does a turtle do on his birthday?

A turtle doesn’t really do anything special on his birthday – he just lives his normal life. Turtles are notorious for being long-lived animals, so a turtle’s birthday may not mean much to him in the grand scheme of things.
But still, it’s always nice to celebrate and commemorate another year of life!


The truth is this. Turtles often feel lonely. If this happens, it will affect the health of the turtle. They could wane off or die. They might fail to eat or reproduce. That’s why many marine experts will advise that you should find ways on how to make a turtle happy if you have one as a pet.

To make your turtle happy, you must make them comfortable. You must also feed them well. Above all that, you should ensure that the turtle has a befitting environment for them to always live in.

How to Make a Turtle Happy | Turtle Care Tips For Beginners

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