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red eared slider go without food

how long can a red eared slider go without food?

Today we know how long can a red eared slider go without food. A red-eared slider can go without food for a couple of weeks, but it’s not ideal. It’s better to feed your slider a healthy diet so that it doesn’t have to go as long without food. That way, your slider will be healthy and happy!

Red Eared Slider feeding time:

Feeding a Red Eared Slider is easy – they are omnivorous and will eat just about anything. However, there are some things you should avoid feeding them in order to keep them healthy.

For the most part, you can feed your slider commercial turtle food pellets, as well as fresh vegetables and fruit. They love strawberries, apples, watermelon, and other fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid feeding them too many high-fat foods like nuts or seeds, as well as processed foods like hot dogs or chicken nuggets. Also avoid breads and other items that are high in sugar.

It’s best to feed your slider twice a day – once in the morning and once at night. This will help them get all the nutrients they need and prevent them from over eating. You can also offer them food in a shallow dish so they can easily reach it.

how long can a red eared slider go without food?

A red eared slider can go without food for up to two months, but it is not recommended to do so.Red eared sliders can survive without food for a period of up to two months; however, going this long without food can have detrimental effects on the overall health of the turtle.

Not only will the turtle be more susceptible to disease, but it is also likely to lose muscle mass and suffer from organ failure. For these reasons, it is best not to let a red eared slider go without food for an extended period of time.

Types of Food to Feed Your red eared slider:

When deciding what to feed your red eared slider, it is important to remember that they are omnivores. This means that they need a diet that consists of both plant and animal matter in order to stay healthy.

indoor setup for a red eared slider turtle

One of the best things you can do for your red eared slider is to offer them a varied diet. This way they will get all of the nutrients they need, and they will also find their food more interesting. Some good options for items to include in their diet are:

Turtle pellets

-Fresh vegetables such as kale, collards, and carrots

-Fresh fruits such as apples, grapes, and melon

-Live insects such as crickets or mealworms

It is important to remember that you should not feed your red eared slider chicken, beef, or pork as these can make them sick. You also want to avoid giving them any processed foods or sweets as these are not good for their health.

If you are unsure about what to feed your red eared slider, you can always talk to a vet or another reptile expert for advice.

How long can an adult red eared slider turtle go without food?

Adult red eared sliders can go without food for up to two months.

Red eared slider turtles are omnivores and will eat a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, insects, and fish. However, they can also survive on a diet of just plant material. In the wild, red eared slider turtles may go for weeks or even months without food during the winter when their natural food sources are scarce.

 captivity is not the same as in the wild – some captive turtles will beg constantly for food regardless of whether they are hungry or not

In general, adult red eared slider turtles can go without food for up to two months with no adverse effects. However, it’s important to note that captivity is not the same as in the wild – some captive turtles will beg constantly for food regardless of whether they are hungry or not. If your turtle is begging for food, it’s best to err on the side of caution and give them a small amount to eat.

male red eared slider nails

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs):

1. do red eared sliders need to eat every day?

No, Red-eared sliders do not need to eat every day. They can go a week or more without food.

2. can a red eared slider live without water?

Yes, a red eared slider can live without water. They will survive off the reserves in their body, but it is not ideal and they should be given water as soon as possible.

Red eared sliders can go up to 3-4 months without food, but they will not survive more than a week or two without water.

3. do red eared sliders eat fish?

Red-eared sliders, while being carnivorous, primarily eat insects and other small invertebrates. They have been known to eat small fish on occasion, but it is not their primary food source.

4. why do red eared sliders stop eating?

Red eared sliders stop eating when they’re not getting the right nutrients.

Red eared sliders need a diet that’s high in protein and low in carbohydrates. If they’re not getting the right nutrients, they’ll stop eating as a way to conserve energy. Without the right nutrients, red eared sliders can become malnourished or even die.

5. What Is The Life Span Of A Red Eared Slider?

Red eared slider turtles can live for a long time – some have been known to live for more than 20 years. However, their life span is typically shorter in the wild than in captivity.

red eared slider go without food

final words:

When feeding your slider, always make sure there is clean, fresh water available for them to drink and soak in. This is important for their overall health and hydration.

If you have any questions about feeding your red eared slider, please consult with a veterinarian or other reptile expert.

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