Tips On How to Keep Algae Out of Turtle Tank

Keep Algae Out of Turtle Tank

Algae growth is a common phenomenon in most turtle tanks and aquariums. When algae grow in abundance, it will transform your turtle tank walls into the green. Although algae development in tanks isn’t particularly harmful to your turtle, it isn’t healthy either. Plus, the greenish look of the tank walls looks dirty and reduces its …

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Can Turtles Get Fat | Causes of obesity and How to Prevent

Can Turtles Get Fat

Obesity is not a new buzz in the human world. People have been suffering from obesity for a long time. But is extra fat applicable to other animals as well? Or, turtle owners may specifically ask, “Can turtles get fat?” Although it will surprise you, the answer is yes. Turtles can get fat and suffer …

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Do Turtles Need Light at Night: A Comprehensive Discussion

Owning a turtle is a great responsibility. You have to ensure the best living environment for the turtle inside its tank. It includes proper space, basking area, access to water and land, and even hiding space if need be. But the need for proper heating and light perhaps is the most important thing for turtles …

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Can I Use a Regular Light Bulb for My Turtle?

Can I Use a Regular Light Bulb for My Turtle

When you first bring a turtle home, you might be confused about many issues and want to solve them ASAP. One such concerning issue is the right light setup for the turtle tank. You might have already heard about the importance of UVA and UVB rays for turtle health. Thus, you have to figure out …

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Do Turtles See Color | Are Turtles Color Blind or Not?

do turtles see color

Turtle owners are curious about their pets and often want to know about different things about turtles. One such curiosity is related to the eyesight of turtles and their color observation ability. In fact, we have seen many turtle lovers asking us, “Do turtles see color?” The straight answer is, yes, turtles can see colors. …

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