The turtle voice respects the business endeavors of our community of junkies and takes internet privacy seriously. In this policy (the ” Privacy Policy “), we outline our privacy practices with regard to information that enables you to form knowledgeable judgments about how you share information when you visit or use the website, as well as your rights in controlling how we handle the information we obtain about you.

Who Are We

We are Turtle Voice, and our website address is We can be contacted at

What Personal Data We Collect And Why

Cookies and Web Beacons

Your visit to our website is logged by our web servers using the common web use log ( used by the vast maturity of web servers). Your IP address, visit time, the page you came from, and the page you visited are all noted in the web operation log.

This log contains no specific information. For instance, visit our point from America Online if you want to. 

We utilize this data to operate our Web page, identify server issues, and compile usage statistics for the website. Our operating system keeps track of unauthorized uploads and changes to the information to maintain the availability of our system for all users and prevent damage. 

To collect statistical data about users of our point, turtlevoice also uses Google Analytics and other third-party applications. To better understand how the general public uses our point, these may leave a cookie on your browser. 

See the section below for more details about the cookie that Google Analytics employs. 

Even though turtle voice will use all reasonable efforts to protect the privacy of your specific information, as described in this document, turtlevoice makes no promises regarding the privacy of similar information or your use of our website, or regarding any incidental or consequential damages that may result from such use.

For further information on how to limit or disable cookies on your computer, see the section below about Your options. However, if you opt to disable cookies, that might impact some of the point’s features that rely on cookies to improve their functionality.


If you provide us with information, including specific data, we may do so directly from you. For instance, when you sign up for our newsletters, participate in updates, or conduct checks on the matter, you may provide us with your name, contact information (such as an email address), date of birth, or other information sorts.

Additionally, you can disclose specific information about yourself when participating in forums or discussions on the subject. Please remember that anything you publish on the site could be seen or recorded by anybody who sees it, so you should try to avoid sharing any private or sensitive material that you wouldn’t want the general public to see.

Research Affiliates

CISS may still gather your personal information for that purpose if you are a research affiliate.

  •  Conduct planning and evaluation exercises concerning exploration programs and conditioning. 
  • Provide services and programs for, or support services and programs offered by, your association and its staff. 
  • Accept and handle complaints or questions about programs and services provided by your association.

Even with you providing the information we bear, we might be able to provide any or all of the services CISS offers.


The information acquired through The turtle voice may be used for various things, including the ones indicated below. For example, if you emailed us with a query and included your email address, we would reply to you at that address. 

How We Might Use the Data We Gather

Additionally, we utilize the data we gather from you and through the point to provide the goods and services you ask for (much like when you sign up to receive our email newsletters). Respond to comments, inquiries, and other submissions, and provide more user help. Offer you goods and services through marketing messages, or redirect you in the direction of areas of our site or other websites that we think you would find interesting. Analyze data related to the point’s operation (including client and request investigation, trend analysis, and financial analysis). Abide by all relevant laws, requests from law enforcement, and our company’s policies.

Access and Retention of Data

We will only keep your personal information for as long as it’s required to fulfill the objectives for which it was collected, such as allowing you to use the website, purchase items, or get services. In some instances, we may keep data for longer periods to comply with relevant laws (including those governing document retention), resolve disputes with parties, and for other purposes as necessary to run our business. All specific data we keep will be governed by this privacy statement and our internal retention policies.

Contact Forms

When we distribute newsletters to subscribers, we might let advertisers and partners incorporate communications inside. Delete your email subscription. Click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of an email newsletter to stop receiving it. If you would like to conclude- send an email to optout@https// turtlevoice.

Avoiding cookies- Some browsers may be set up to alert you when you accept cookies or to let you limit or disable specific cookies. Nevertheless, if you opt to disable cookies, that might impact certain of the point’s features that rely on cookies to improve their functionality.

Disabling the original objects- that participated. We might also employ original data that serves a similar purpose but is stored in a different location on your device. You may be able to disable your browser’s HTML5 original storage or delete any information it contains. Then click for instructions on erasing data from “original participated items” or setting affiliated settings.

 Coverage of Personal Data

We maintain the necessary administrative, technical, and physical precautions to protect the specific information you provide from unintentional, unlawful, or unauthorized destruction, loss, modification, access, disclosure, or use. However, the security of the information communicated via the internet cannot be guaranteed; therefore, you must take some risk when providing information to any website, including this one. In contrast, if you have a data security inquiry, you can email us at

Additional Information

How Can We Exchange Information?

The information we gather through the point may be made available to our agents, dealers, advisers, and other service providers so they can act on our behalf. Additionally, we might divulge details.

  • for internal business purposes with our neighbors;
  • However, legislation or a legal procedure (such as a court ruling or procedure);
  • if the law requires it of us. in response to demands from governmental entities, including those of the law enforcement kind, including those to meet conditions relating to public security;
  • To educate advertisers about the makeup of our user base through analytics and statistical data;
  • based on your choice or with your consent.

How We Protect Personal Data

We keep adequate administrative, technological, and physical precautions in place to prevent accidental, unlawful, or illegal destruction, loss, modification, access, disclosure, or use of the personal information you give. Thus, no website can guarantee data security, and you assume some risk when providing information through a website.