What Fish Can Live with Red Eared Slider Turtles?

what fish can live with red eared slider turtles

So, you have decided not to keep your red eared slider lonely anymore. A wise decision since loneliness might frustrate the red eared slider despite its fondness for solitude. Instead, it is better to provide a playmate (read tank mate) to these beautiful creatures. Although different animals such as lobsters, snails, and other crustaceans go …

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Do Red Eared Sliders Bite? What Experts Say

do red eared sliders bite

I have owned a red eared slider for the past three years. As an experienced turtle owner, many people ask me several questions about the turtle. One such problem that I face almost daily is that do red eared sliders bite. Also, I wanted to know the exact answer, although I haven’t experienced any biting …

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Do Red Eared Sliders Hibernate | Reality Vs Myth Discussed

do red eared sliders hibernate

Red-eared sliders are a popular pet turtle species. It is docile and highly-resistant to diseases that make it a popular choice for a pet. In the normal time, it is quite friendly and would even take part in some plays. However, during the winter period, the red-eared slider will become idle and find a warm …

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Types of Pond Turtles | Pet Turtle Species For Pond

types of pond turtles

Interested in domesticating a turtle at the backyard pond? If yes, congratulations, you have successfully landed on the appropriate page to find the best turtle species for ponds. We bring you the most popular, easy-going, and suitable types of pond turtles that you can pet in the home pond. Although all the species included in …

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Do Box Turtles Bite | You Need to Know For Safety

do box turtles bite

Anyone camping outside or on a trail during summer months, you probably have stumbled or come across a box turtle. They are the most commonly found turtle breed in America and also popular as a pet. In general, they are very gentle and docile and so, won’t freak out of its den to bite you. …

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