Types of Pond Turtles | Pet Turtle Species For Pond

types of pond turtles

Interested in domesticating a turtle at the backyard pond? If yes, congratulations, you have successfully landed on the appropriate page to find the best turtle species for ponds. We bring you the most popular, easy-going, and suitable types of pond turtles that you can pet in the home pond. Although all the species included in …

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Do Box Turtles Bite | You Need to Know For Safety

do box turtles bite

Anyone camping outside or on a trail during summer months, probably has stumbled or come across a box turtle. They are the most commonly found turtle breed in America and are also popular as a pet. In general, they are very gentle and docile and so, won’t freak out of their den to bite you. …

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Sea Turtle Noises | What Noise Does a Sea Turtle Make?

sea turtle noises

Turtles lack vocal cords. So can they make noise? I have taken my time to do a lot of research about turtles. I have visited very many websites and found so much information about these awesome creatures. However, I noticed that most people didn’t know whether turtles make noises or not. That’s why I set …

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Turtle Species in Virginia | Commonly Seen Turtles in Virginia

turtle species in virginia

Only 7 species of sea turtles are available worldwide. They may be all threatened due to the poor eco-systems today. With poor waste management, marine lifestyles have seen higher dwindling percentages including that of the sea turtles. That’s why I say that all the turtle species are endangered. Lucky for us, in Virginia, we still …

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