Best Filter For Turtle Tank in 2022 | Expert Reviews

As humans, we clean ourselves with water. Just rinse yourself with water and consider yourself clean. When it comes to fishes and turtles in the tank- do you ever think that they live in water so what form of cleaning would they need anyway? Apparently, that is the problem here- they live in water, do …

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Fully Aquatic Turtles | General Care of Aquatic Turtles

fully aquatic turtles

Many people keep fully aquatic turtles as pets. However, most of these guys end up facing several health problems because turtles are very delicate pets. They are difficult to look after and require very close monitoring. For over 5 years, I have kept aquatic turtles. During these years, I have had the opportunity to closely …

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How to Take Care of a Turtle Egg | Tips For Beginners

how to take care of a turtle egg

Turtles lay eggs as their way of reproduction. The eggs will then hatch and the small turtles will begin a journey of their own. It is a beautiful experience too. If you have a turtle as a pet, you should take care of the eggs properly until they hatch. In this post, I am going …

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Turtle Species in Virginia | Commonly Seen Turtles in Virginia

turtle species in virginia

Only 7 species of sea turtles are available worldwide. They may be all threatened due to the poor eco-systems today. With poor waste management, marine lifestyles have seen higher dwindling percentages including that of the sea turtles. That’s why I say that all the turtle species are endangered. Lucky for us, in Virginia, we still …

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