red eared slider poop (8 signs and solutions)

red eared slider poop

Red eared slider poop typically looks like dark brown pellets. However, the specific appearance of their poop can vary depending on their diet. If they have a diet that is high in protein. for example, their poop may be slightly darker in color. If they are not getting enough fiber in their diet, their poop …

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red eared slider eggs: A short details

Red Eared Slider Eggs

Red eared slider eggs are medium-sized, elliptical, and cream-colored eggs with a reddish brown spot on one end. They typically measure 2″ long and 1.5″ wide. The female will excavate a nesting chamber in soft earth, often close to water, and lay her eggs within. She will then cover the eggs with more soil and …

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red eared slider hibernation: an overall info

red eared slider hibernation

Today we discuss red eared slider hibernation. Hibernation is a type of dormancy that allows animals to conserve energy during periods of cold weather or scarce food. Red-eared sliders, like many other reptiles, undergo brumation – a type of hibernation – in the wild during the winter months. During brumation, red eared sliders will bask …

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red eared slider healthy shell (8 issues and solutions)

red eared slider healthy shell

A healthy Red Eared Slider shell should be smooth and hard. The shell should also be free of any cracks or damage. If you are unsure if your turtle’s shell is in good condition, you can always ask your veterinarian for help. slider healthy shell: A healthy shell is smooth, without any cracks or chips. …

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