Do Turtles Get Attached to Their Owners | Bonding with Turtles

do turtles get attached to their owners

Dog and cat owners know the immense joy the pet brings to them, especially when they cuddle or hug back them. It is a way of showing their affection and attachment to their owners. But is it the same with your turtles? Do turtles get attached to their owners? Well, the question has been at …

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How Long Do Pet Turtles Live | Pet Turtle’s Lifespan

how long do pet turtles live

Owning a turtle as a pet is a lifelong responsibility and so, many turtle owners cherish knowing the lifespan of their pets. Well, as we all know that turtles are among the longest-living species in the world, but how long do pet turtles live in captivity? I am a turtle and tortoise nerd and always …

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This Week’s Top Stories About Can a Turtle Recognize You?

can a turtle recognize you

Turtles are, after cats and dogs, the most amazing pet one can own. The sight of the turtle swimming and playing in the water is simply eye-pleasing. Naturally, turtle owners grow a strong bond with their pet as he feeds, cleans, and plays with them. But can a turtle recognize you the way you perceive …

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Can Turtles See in The Dark | You Need to Know It

can turtles see in the dark

A few days ago, I was talking with one of my friends, and he owned a turtle. Suddenly he told me that during the quarantine days, he has been observing his turtle and found a shocking truth. He noticed that it was moving better in water during the dark time than in the light on. …

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