automatic turtle pellet feeder: a short guide

automatic turtle feeder

Do you have a pet turtle? If so, you know that it’s important to keep them fed. But what happens when you’re not home to feed them? That’s where the automatic turtle pellet feeder comes in! This handy device will automatically dispense pellets to your turtle at preset times, so you can be sure they’re …

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Do Turtles Hiss | Is it Myth or Reality?

do turtles hiss

Many pet animals hiss to express their anger, fear, and anxiety. Cats are the perfect example of hissing whenever they feel frightened or irritated. But do turtles hiss? This is a question asked by many turtle owners, especially with those little kids at home. Yes, turtles hiss, and it is more frequent than a pet …

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Pet Turtle Name | Guidelines For Naming Your Beloved

Pet Turtle Name

Pet turtles are like our family members, and they live close to our hearts.  Hence, we all want a good and unique name for our beloved pet turtle name. Interestingly, when we try to find outstanding, attractive, and good names for pet turtles, we are often overwhelmed with the choices. And the twist comes right …

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Do Turtles Have Feelings | Lonely, Depressed, Bored?

do turtles have feelings

When you own a turtle for a long time, such as several years, you might find the turtle reciprocating slightly to your sounds and gestures. Hence, many people consider that turtles build bonding with their owner and conclude that their pet has feelings. So, do turtles have feelings? Well, it is a complicated answer which …

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What Sound Does a Turtle Make | Turtle Sound

what sound does a turtle make

Today we will discuss What Sound Does a Turtle Make. Until recent times, people had little knowledge about turtle sounds. To be honest, many people thought that turtles are dumb and can’t produce any sound (I too was on the same list). However, recent studies on turtles have discovered some engraving and exciting facts about …

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